Wrap It Up! Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

As the kid’s birthday party invitations start arriving you may be looking for some creative gift wrapping ideas. Our party experts have some great suggestions on ways to wrap gifts that use things you may already have in your house! Check out these ideas.

Reuse and Recycle

One of the greenest ideas is to get creative with your paper shopping bags. Many of us have a stash we aren’t sure what to do with because of the rising popularity of the reusable bag. Simply cut the bottom of the bag our and remove bag handles. If the bag has printing on it, make sure that side is face up when wrapping. You can decorate you bag with stamps, stickers, markers or even paint! Get the kids involved and let them create a design.

Inside Out

Have to wrap a gift of a little guy and only have pink paper? Turn it over! Most wrapping paper is plan white on the back. Let the kids draw on the back with crayon (if it’s a waxy paper you may need to use pens instead) and viola, you’ve got gender neutral paper!

Farm Fresh

Looking for another use for berry containers from the farmers market? Why not wrap a gift in them? You can use it two different ways. For smaller gifts, fill the bottom with shredded paper and set gift inside. Wrap the container in a clear cellophane bag and tie with raffia or a pretty ribbon. If you want to conceal the gift, use two containers. Place gift inside and then dab small dots of hot glue around the edge of one container. Gently press the other container on top of the glued container to create a perfect little box! you can glue ribbon around the seam and then wrap ribbon vertically as well.

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Wondering what to do with those slowly deflating Mylar balloons? Try using them as wrapping paper! They work perfectly for small to medium sized gifts like books!. Simply snip the bottom to let out the helium. The carefully cute around the seam to create two circles. This is great for wrapping wine bottles too. Simply place the bottle in the middle, gather and tie with ribbon or raffia. Get creative!

Odds and Ends

Wondering what to due with all those odds and end of wrapping paper? Make a collage with them. Use craft or scrapbooking glue to adhere the pieces together and let dry completely. You can really get creative and mix and match patters.

Jump Rope Ribbon

This is functional wrapping at it’s best. Perfect for the little boy or girl in your life. Simply wrap the gift and tie the jump rope as you would a ribbon.

Printed Paper

An old favorite but still very cute! Use newspaper or old maps to wrap gifts. Use the style section for the fashionista on your list or the comics for the comedian in your life. It’s easy and a great way to repurpose material. It can also give a very vintage look to your gifts, which you can theme along with a birthday card customized just for them!

Get creative! You’d be amazed at the uses you can come up with for things around the house. Happy celebrating!

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