Outdoor Game Ideas for Picnics & Cookouts

Colorful Cookout Barbecue Invitation Outdoor Game ideas

You work hard all week long and during the summer, the weekends are when you get to engage in a little outdoor fun. As you plan your next get-together with your friends and family, incorporate some of these outdoor game ideas into your day. Outdoor games are a great way to have fun with everyone and decompress from a long work week! These activities are also great for family reunions, company picnics or any day there’s fun to be had in the summer sun!

Summer Party Invitations

Colorful Cookout Barbecue Invitation Outdoor Game ideas

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Outdoor Game Ideas

Capture The Flag

Capture the flag isn’t just for kids! With adults, the course can become more elaborate and therefore a bit more intense! With flag guards, attackers and defenders, there’s a role for everyone. This is a great outdoor game idea for camping trips where there are a variety of terrains and hiding places. Check out this refresher on how to play.

Flag Football

Flag football is always a lot of fun to play when getting together in the summer. Make sure to divide teams up fairly evenly so that each team has a good mix of skill levels. Try playing at the beach or in your favorite neighborhood park. Get team jerseys (or make them with colored shirts and fabric pens or iron decals). For those who don’t feel like playing they can act as the cheer squad, crazy fans or even a referee! It’s really fun for the whole family!

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is great because you can play it anywhere there is an open space! The beach, the backyard or the park; there all great spots to play. Check out the rules, to get ready for your next bocce ball tournament! Check out these great bocce ball sets.


Croquet is a great game to play at family reunions, summer picnics, or backyard bbq’s. It’s easy for kids and adults of all ages. Learn more about the rules of play. You can set up a course of varying degrees of difficulty depending on your groups age range. Take a look at some croquet sets to add to your outdoor games.


A game that originates in 5th century China, it’s a lot of fun and easy to set up. Once everyone is familiar with the rules of play, it’s fun to host a tournament style gathering and hand out prizes to the 1st and 2nd place teams. Take a look at these badminton sets

Enjoy your summer parties! Check out more of PurpleTrail’s summer bbq ideas to help you plan your fun in the sun this season.

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