A Winter Sledding Party

Get Started Planning A Winter Sledding Party

Well, it is winter, and that means snow! You may just find that Ol Man Winter soon pays a visit if he hasn’t already done so. A great way to celebrate a wintery birthday would be a sledding party. We all know the absolute thrill of taking our sleds down the hill over and over again. One never tires of it! This is a budget-friendly party idea and will take very little time to plan; all you really need is for Mother Nature to cooperate.

If sledding is the party theme for you, keep these tips in mind when planning your sledding party outing:

  • Try to have your destination hill be close to a center or enclosure so that kids and parents (if they stay) can take refuge from the cold, and also so you can set up some snacks and treats for the guests.
  • Make sure the party hill is spacious and away from anything dangerous like water, utility poles, or roads.
  • Request that guests come with their own sleds so you are not meant to supply everyone with equipment.
  • You may want to bring extra clothing items in case someone forgets their mittens, or if you have to replace water-soaked socks. Kid’s lip balm and a first aid kit would also be appropriate to have on hand. If you are only outdoors with no indoor facility nearby, make sure to bring some blankets along as well.
  • In your birthday party invitation, be sure to ask the guests to dress appropriately. You could even make it a contest, like, “Who can stay warmest the longest?”


Frozen Winter Storm Kid's Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Frozen Winter Storm Kid’s Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
  • Your sledding party menu can be very simple. Make sure to have hot cocoa on hand. Beyond that, bite-sized donuts, cookies, or a batch of brownies would do as an additional afternoon treat.
  • If you are planning on serving lunch, you will definitely want to do this either at your home or in a nearby venue.
  • Menu ideas for this cold party would include some hot food like sloppy joes, French fries, a pot of chili or favorite soup with warm bread, toasted marshmallows, or cheese fondue served with veggies and bread.
  • The sledding activity will keep everyone busy the full length of the party.
  • Make sure to supervise the kids well so they are not sledding head first, are keeping a safe distance from one another when sledding, and are walking back up the hill on the side of the hill rather than the middle where kids are sure to be sledding.
  • One fun game: time the kids as they race down the hill to see who rides the fastest. Let them compete again and again.
  • Make an edible glacier for dessert: Make a 6 oz. package of blueberry flavored gelatin following the package directions. Pour it into a pan and put it in the refrigerator until it is solid (several hours). Crush about 1/2 package of chocolate wafers or chocolate sandwich cookies. Mix the crushed cookies with one container of Cool Whip, and spread the mixture over the set gelatin.
Winter Princess Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation
Winter Princess Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail.com

Happy Sledding!


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