Winter First Birthday Ideas: Holiday, Christmas, & One-derland Party Tips

With the recent release of the Disney movie Frozen and all the festive palettes, holiday decor, and Christmas cookies, winter first birthdays can be lots of fun. Use these mirthful winter first birthday ideas to make your child’s celebration a blast.

Winter First Birthday Ideas: Invitations

All great celebrations start with the invitations. To ensure yours are just right and match your child’s first birthday theme perfectly create them yourself on There you can pick from an impressive collection of  winter first birthday invitations.

And when you find one you like, you can make it perfect with their amazing customization options. You can even create your very own custom invitation from scratch with their easy-to-use design software. This is the best way to match your invitations to your first birthday theme!

Beyond introducing your first birthday party’s theme, you invitations should also give guests all the info they’ll need to make it to your party and feel comfortable when they arrive.



Let them know where your party will be, what the theme is, if gifts are required, what refreshments and food you’ll be serving, and so on.

You should also consider purchasing or designing custom envelopes that match your invites and theme. Bright red, icy blue, or white envelopes with snowflakes will work. You can design custom envelopes on that match your invites or you can simply pick up a pack of red or blue envelopes from a department store.

Either way, the envelopes will help set your parcel apart from the rest of the recipient’s mail and let them know there’s an important message inside.

Winter First Birthday Invitation Wording

Another way to embellish your first birthday’s winter theme is with your invitation wording. Use wording that hints at your party’s special motif. Here are few first birthday invitation wording samples you can use as inspiration.

You’re invited to a


to honor little (insert baby’s name) first birthday

Join us for food, fun, and festivities!

Join us 12-12-2014 at 2:00 pm at our home

222 Wood St., Seattle, WA

Hope to see you there!

Our little snow angel is turning one!

Join us for a winter themed birthday soiree

12.12.2015 at 3:00 pm at the

Ice Palace

Please bring your ice skates!

We’ll provide refreshments, cake, and entertainment!


Baby, it’s cold outside! Warm up with us at (baby’s name’s)

Winter One-derland Party

Fun begins at 12:00 pm on 12.12.2015 at our home

Come ready to enjoy a hot cocoa bar, warm dishes, and entertainment

No gifts please! Your presence is present enough!

Winter First Birthday Ideas: Decorations

Decorating for your little one’s first birthday should be lots of fun. Start by choosing a palette and theme for your kid’s winter first birthday. Do you want it to have a Christmas theme, a Frozen theme, or some other kind of winter theme? Then choose a color scheme; strive for two or three colors.

Red, white, and green is a good palette for a Christmas themed first birthday. White and pink is cute for a girl’s winter first birthday. While blue and white are a great option for a boy’s first birthday. Your palette can be anything you like, but we recommend keeping it simple for the sake of congruity.

winter first birthday ideas
Paper snowflakes — a simple DIY decoration you can use to spruce up your winter first birthday.

Paper lanterns, balloons, bunting, and banners come in a variety of colors. They are versatile and very affordable. Use these simple party decor pieces to add color and depth your theme. To save money, you can make your bunting and banners yourself with construction paper, chalkboards, and so on.

You can also save money by incorporating decorations that you already have on hand. Christmas lights, garland, and other holiday accessories can all be used to accentuate your first birthday’s winter theme. Just make sure whichever decorations you choose to use match your palette.

Winter First Birthday Ideas: Food

Hot beverages will help keep guests warm and cozy while also embellishing your theme, so hot cider, hot cocoa, and even hot teas and coffees will make lovely additions to your first birthday spread. Try garnishing your cocoa with candy canes, marshmallows, and whipped cream like in the photo below.

You can’t go wrong including holiday sweets like Christmas cookies, fudge, pies, and cupcakes. Try finding recipes that will match your theme. Take a look at this Pinterest board for a bunch of fun and creative winter themed sweets.

winter first birthday ideas
Hot cocoa and peppermint bark.

Warm dishes like cheese fondues and soups will all keep your guests warm and happy throughout  your winter soiree.  And these seasonal winter fruits and vegetable recipes will provide guests with a nutritious alternative to your sweeter snacks.

Don’t forget to include some kid-friendly items on your table too. Most kids frown at the sight of new dishes filled with veggies, so try including a few simple classics, like grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, or anything else you think the kids you’re inviting will enjoy.

Winter First Birthday Ideas: Photos

Try setting up or renting a photo booth for your child’s winter first birthday party. It will be fun to snap photos of your baby with your friends and family and guests will love having a photo keepsake of your child’s first birthday. If you like the idea of a photo booth, but don’t want to spend too much, try creating a DIY photo booth. Learn how here.

Make sure to include lots of fun and festive props in your photo booth and choose a backdrop that goes along with your theme. Wrapping paper, paper snowflakes, and bunting and streamers can all be used to make a fun and festive backdrop for your DIY photo booth.

In addition to photo booth photos, you’ll also want to snap a bunch of great photos of your baby enjoying his/her special celebration. Consider hiring a professional photographer, so you can sit back and enjoy the party while they take care of the photos!

Hopefully these winter first birthday ideas have left you feeling inspired! Please let us know if you have any fun ideas you’d like to share with us via the comment section below. Good luck planning for your party! For more great winter and holiday first birthday ideas, check out this Christmas First Birthday Ideas post.

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