Wine Storage Tips

Colorful Lanterns summer party invite by PurpleTrail.

With all those summer party invitations that will soon be stacking up, it’s important to store you wine properly in the heat. Without the correct storage, that special bottle you’ve been saving for your 25th wedding anniversary in July, could end up tasting like vinegar instead of your favorite vintage. Our party experts have put together a few tips to help you store you wine to preserve it’s integrity. Follow these wine storage tips, and your bottle will be safe and ready to drink no matter how long you wait!

  • Wine is best kept at 55 degrees f (13 degrees c). If it goes up or down a few degrees in the hottest and coolest months, it will be fine. But overall, the temperature should stay pretty constant. A good way to gauge if the spot you are thinking will work is to test the temperature in the morning, afternoon and evening to get an idea of the average daily temperature.
  • Wine should be stored on its side. The cork needs to stay moist to prevent it from shrinking. Keeping the cork moist also prevents the cork from growing harmful microbes.
  • Store wine in a dark place. You don’t want it exposed to direct sunlight. As nice as the wine rack looks out on the table, it really is best stored in a cool cupboard or pantry.
  • If you are interested in a getting a wine fridge and space is an issue, consider looking for a small one that mounts under your cupboard. Most of them hold 4-5 bottles.
  • Avoid storing your wine in areas that are subject to vibration (like near a washing machine or high foot traffic area). Exposure to lots of vibrations can cause elements of the wine to break down and therefore changing the flavor of the wine. This is also why regular old refrigerators don’t make great wine coolers, they rattle and vibrate a little too much.

If you are a wine lover you don’t have to have a wine cellar to keep your wines happy. Just remember to store wine on it’s side, keep it out of direct sunlight, keep it cool and keep away from major vibrations, you’ll have great tasting wine all year long. Cheers!


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