Wine Party Inspiration and Tips

Summer is the perfect time for a wine tasting event. Whether you prefer white or red, you can throw a fantastic wine tasting party on any scale. A wine tasting can be a great theme for a birthday party, or just an excuse for an intimate gathering with friends. Erin from our design team created a sensational wine party inspiration piece and we have few party ideas to help you plan a great wine tasting.

What kind of tasting? The first step in planning a wine tasting party is to decide what kind of wine tasting you would like to have. A traditional tasting focuses only on the wine, not on serving food that would interfere with the taster’s, palate. Another style is to start with light appetizers and serving sips of the lighter wines, moving into medium and full bodied wines served with dinner, and sweet wines with dessert. You could also just serve light appetizers and desserts, or just serve dinner. It’s really up to you. What you don’t want is for the guests to be so full they don’t enjoy tasting the wine!

What are we tasting? A summer wine tasting would suggest that you are tasting light, summer wines and a fall or winter tasting lends itself to heavier wines, but again, it’s your party so you can drink what you want to. When planning your tasting, a weekend party will likely bring more guests as people won’t to worry about work the next day. Also, if you are not serving a meal plan the tasting in between meals so that guests will know to eat before the party.

Who is tasting? Create your guest list thoughtfully. An intimate tasting is a lot easier to facilitate than a larger one when hosting at home. Keep the guest list between 6 to 10 people. Consider the space too. You want each guest to have a place to sit comfortably with a place to set their glass(es). You also want to take into account what type of wine tasting you are throwing and who is a good fit for that style. If you invite novice tasters to an “expert” party or vice versa , it won’t be fun for anyone.

How to invite. You can send out stylish printed or online wine party invitations. Give two to three weeks notice so guests can plan accordingly. Be specific about what style of tasting you are hosting and if you want guests to bring a bottle- clearly point out what type of wine you’ll be tasting. Be sure to let them know if they can expect light appetizers or a meal. By being very specific in the wine party invitations, you’ll have more success at your tasting.

Setting the Scene. Display all the bottles you will be tasting so that guests have an opportunity to read the labels. Avoid overly fragrant candles and flowers that would over power the room. Make sure you have enough glassware for each guest as well as a dump bucket for those who wish to empty their glasses. Provide dry crackers (like oyster crackers) for guest to cleanse their palates, in between, tastes. Also giving guests , a wine tasting grid can be helpful for, remembering which wines they enjoyed.

Have fun and enjoy!

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