White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas for Parties

White Elephant Gift Exchange ideas Invitation

As you get your holiday party invitations ready, we thought we’d offer a few new spins on the white elephant party game. Whether you are sending out business holiday party invitations or personal holiday party invitations, these white elephant gift exchange ideas are perfect for any holiday party. Choose your favorite or modify one to suit your holiday theme.

Holiday Party Invitations

White Elephant Gift Exchange ideas Invitation

White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

Beverage White Elephant. Have everyone wrap a beverage up to exchange. You can draw numbers simply have guests choose based on packaging. Wine, beer, champagne, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever your favorite beverage is, bring some to share!

Dirty Santa. Encourage guests to bring a wrapped gift under $10. The gift can be silly or serious. Everyone draws a number. After the first person goes, the second person has the choice to steal their gift or choose another wrapped gift to open. At the end, the first person gets the chance to steal anyone’s gift.

Gift Card White Elephant. Ask guests to bring a gift card (establish a denomination) from a variety of place. Place the gift cards in sealed envelopes. Place them in a bowl or box and let each guest draw out an envelope.

Garage Sale White Elephant. Encourage guests to bring their, wackiest, gifts from around the house. From jars of olives to old slippers and remotes. After the exchange. make a bag of things that no one wants to take home and if in good condition donate to a second hand store or to a food bank.

Music and Movie White Elephant. For those of us still buying DVD’s and CD’s…Wrap up your music and movies that you don’t mind parting with. It’s a great way to share some of your favorites with others!

Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoyed these white elephant gift exchange ideas! 

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