When To Send Out Save The Dates, How To Address Save The Dates

If you and your fiance have finally finalized your wedding date, then you may be wondering when to send out save the dates to your guests. Here we’ll fill you in on when to send out save the dates for traditional weddings and destination weddings, while also sharing tips on what kind of save the dates are available and how to address save the dates.

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When To Send Out Save The Dates

Save the dates are usually sent out before wedding invitations as a means of informing guests of your wedding date ahead of time. These friendly reminders are convenient, because they give guests more time to plan ahead for the couple of honor’s wedding and they give the couple more time to send out their formal invitations.

When to send out save the dates? You’ll want to send save the dates about six months prior to the ceremony and even longer, eight months, for destination weddings. This number may vary for different couples, so the best way for couples to determine when to send out save the dates is to think about how much time their guests will need to prepare for their big day.

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Will your wedding take place near the holidays? Will it last for several days? Will your guests have to travel to get there? These are all things that you’ll need to consider while determining when to send out save the dates.

If you’re holding a small wedding and all of your guests live near the venue, you’ll have more time to send out your save the dates. If you’re planning a destination wedding that requires your guests to travel far, send out your save the dates ASAP, between travel arrangements and busy schedules, guests will need all the time they can get to prepare for your destination wedding.

When To Send Out Save The Dates: Cards Vs Magnets

The most common options you’ll have when shopping for save the dates are save the date cards and save the date magnets; each have their advantages.

Save the date cards are the traditional option. They are therefore more classy than magnets and in many cases cheaper than magnet save the dates.

Save the date magnets are nice because they are practical and hard to loose. PurpleTrail allows you to personalize your save the date magnets with photos, custom wording, and more.

When To Send Out Save The Dates: Destination Wedding

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re holding a destination wedding, you’ll want to send your save the dates out about eight months prior to your ceremony. Change this date depending on where your destination wedding is located and how far your guests will have travel.

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Try including all information that you have about the venue and location of your wedding on your save the dates. You can even help guests further by including a map and notes regarding transportation and activities you have planned. These details will help guests plan accordingly. If you don’t have this information yet, that’s okay. Include it on your wedding invitations instead.

How To Address Save The Dates

If you’re following the traditional method of addressing your save the dates, be aware you’ll be addressing your envelopes differently than you would a normal piece of mail. Here are some basic tips that will walk you through the process.

  • Keep the names of married couples on one line. If a couple is not married, put their names on separate lines.
  • Write out full names and avoid using initials.
  • When writing the address, spell out the address in full if it is under 20 digits.
  • Spell out all abbreviations, including street, avenue, and so on.
  • On the back flap of the envelope, print the host’s address, but do not include the host’s name.
  • When including children, list their names under their parents names on the invitation from oldest to youngest.
  • When including guests who are over eighteen and still living at home with their parents, send them a separate save the date and invitation.
  • If possible, include the name of your guest’s “plus one.” If you can’t, add “and guest” after the guest’s last name.
  • Don’t use symbols. Spell out “and” and “e.g.”
  • Mr. and Mrs. should be abbreviated.
  • Clearly list whoever is invited on the envelope, rather than writing “and family.”
  • If there’s space, your guests’ titles should be spelled out, such as captain, doctor, and so on.

How To Address Save The Dates: Postcards

Save the date postcards are so perfect for destination weddings. They will efficiently convey your special news while introducing your guests to your nearing excursion. When sending save the date postcards, you’ll need to address them differently than the method mentioned above. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Omit titles. You won’t have enough space to spell them out in full.
  • For married couples, write the wife’s name first and then the husband’s and then the last name. If there’s space, also spell out the word “and” — so it would look like this: Mary and James White.
  • For couples living together who are not married, write each person’s first and last name.
  • For couples not living together who are not married, write the first and last name of the person you are closest to and then write the second person’s first and last name.
  • It’s not necessary to include the plus one on postcard save the dates. If you want to, include your guest’s first and last name and then write “and guest.”

Hopefully this post answered most of your questions! If you’re stuck on what to write in your save the date, make sure to check out our Cute Save The Date Sayings & Wording Ideas and Funny Save The Date Wording Ideas: Photos, Messages, & More! posts.


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