Weird and Wacky Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Red Balloons Holiday Birthday Invitation Wacky Birthday Party Ideas

Does your child break the mold? Plan a weird and wacky birthday party for them and celebrate their individuality. Set the tone with unique birthday invitations. Then plan for a day of weird and wacky fun! Here are some wacky birthday party ideas to help you get started.

Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Red Balloons Holiday Birthday Invitation Wacky Birthday Party Ideas

Wacky Birthday Party Ideas

Weird Birthday Party Invitations: Sending out invitations for a your wacky party should also be different and unique.

  • Puzzle invitations: How about cutting the invitation into a jigsaw puzzle and then sending them out in a puzzle box. Your guests will be thrilled with the idea of putting the puzzle together and reading the invitation.
  • Crazy invitation: It would be fun to write the invitation text in mirror image, backwards or in Pig Latin. You can also write the invitation text in small scribble and ask your guest to use a magnifying lens to read it.

Crazy Kids Birthday Party Games:

  • Behave the opposite way: Have a list of things for the players to do, for example walk, run, sit down, hop on left foot, wave your right hand, be quiet, be noisy, stand still, jump up and down, scream, dance etc. The rule of this game is to do the exact opposite of what the players are asked to do. Step by step, all the players who don’t do the opposite to what you ask are removed and the one child remaining is the winner.
  • Stomp the balloon Game: Remember the old adage “The more you laugh the better you feel”. For your party to be a hit, get a bunch of kids giggling. This game is sure to get you great results. To play this game, tie a balloon to the left leg of the players. The object of the game is to burst a rival’s balloon with your right leg. Kids love this game and it gives them a chance to run around and laugh!
  • Musical Twist Game: All the players have to twist and dance while the music plays. When the music stops they have to sit on the floor as quickly as possible. The last one to sit down is out. Continue the music until you have a winner.
  • Dare you keep a straight face: The object of this game is to keep a straight face while the other players try to make you laugh. Everyone sits in a circle. One child says, “Ha!” The next child adds a second “Ha!” by saying “Ha!Ha!”. The third child adds another “Ha!” saying, “Ha!Ha!Ha!”…and so on. Any player who laughs or makes a mistake must drop out of the circle. However, those “drop-outs” can also try to make the others laugh. The rule of the game is to make the contestants laugh without touching them or talking to them. The player who keeps a straight face the longest is the winner.

Weird Kids Birthday Party Food: Children are easily pleased with simple every day foods presented creatively. With a little imagination you can turn most foods in your kitchen cupboards into kid party food.

  • Ice cream cone cakes:How about serving the birthday cake in an ice cream cone? Children would love having a piece of cake that was baked in an ice cream cone. Top it will frosting, and it will look like an ice cream cone.
  • Excellent lollipop cookies: Your guests would also love lollipop cookies. Try Baking and decorating fun vanilla cookies on a stick. It’s easy and delicious.

More fun food ideas can include serving breakfast for lunch. At a Weird and Wacky party you should certainly serve pancakes in the afternoon and pizza in the morning! Also you can serve pineapple cake turned upside down with candles that don’t go out. Classic cheese and crackers with baby tomatoes in the center of plate are also all time favorites.
Kids Birthday Party favors: For a weird and wacky birthday party theme, go for some crazy party favors like silly putty, crazy straws, yo-yos or paddle balls. You could also give joke glasses (big nose & mustache) or springy eye balls.

Enjoy hosting a party wacky style!!


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