9 Great Rehearsal Dinner Ideas – For a Spectacular Evening

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Planning a wedding rehearsal dinner is exciting but can be overwhelming. It used to fall on the mother of the groom to plan this event. More and more couples are financing their own weddings, and that includes the rehearsal dinner and the responsibility of planning it. Check our these rehearsal dinner ideas, tips and tricks to ensure your dinner will be easy and enjoyable. For more great rehearsal dinner ideas, including custom rehearsal dinner invitations and decorations, take a look at our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Planning Ideas article.

rehearsal dinner ideas
Simple Modern Eat and Drink rehearsal dinner invitation by PurpleTrail.


Rehearsal Dinner Ideas – Invitations

Start your rehearsal dinner planning with invitations. This is a great place to start, because you’ll want to send your invites out early so your guests will have enough time to plan for your celebration. For great personalized rehearsal dinner invitation ideas, take a look at PurpleTrail’s selection of invites. They have a number of stylish rehearsal dinner invites that you can customize to your liking. If you’re in search of more affordable rehearsal dinner invitations, try taking a look at inviteshop.com. They offer a great selection of cheap invites. After you find the dinner rehearsal invitations that work well for your celebration, you’ll need to find the perfect wording for your cards. For great wording suggestions, have a look at the following section.

Dinner Rehearsal Invitation Wording

Invite wording is very important. The right invitation wording will make your guests feel warm and welcomed. It will also help your guests properly prepare for your special event. Check out some of the wording examples below for ideas and inspiration.

Mary and John Adam’s request
the pleasure of your presence the rehearsal dinner in honor of
Lily and Mark
The dinner will be held at
7:00 PM
May third
two thousand thirteen
Red’s Steakhouse
Three hundred First Avenue, Seattle, Washington


Please come and celebrate with
Marissa and William
at their
Rehearsal Dinner
Friday, May 4th, 2013
Palm Restaurant
3333 Palm St., Miami, FL


Please join
Gina and Fred
We will be preparing for our special day at our rehearsal dinner
The dinner will be held at
Sky Lounge
222 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA
at 7:00 PM

Pick a Place/Location

After you’ve selected your invitations, you should start looking for place to hold your dinner. Select a location that is easy to get to from your wedding venue. The main reason for the wedding rehearsal dinner is to gather everyone to rehearse for the wedding at the venue a day or two before the event. Having the dinner close by allows for minimal travel time and more time for celebrating.

A Casual Rehearsal Dinner

There is no need for a formal dinner. In fact, the more formal your wedding, the more casual your rehearsal dinner should be. A picnic in the park or backyard BBQ are fun ways to host this dinner event Your guests will feel more comfortable in a casual environment and it will be easier to rehearse for your wedding in a low key setting. A less formal dinner arrangement will also save you money, which you can invest in your wedding ceremony or even your honeymoon. For more great casual rehearsal dinner ideas, take a look at this Backyard Rehearsal Dinner Ideas article.

rehearsal dinner ideas
Black, White & Gray rehearsal dinner invitation by PurpleTrail.

Stick to Your Budget

Don’t feel obligated to spend outside your means. This dinner should be about taking time to relax and express your gratitude to family and friends involved in the wedding. Friends and family members will be aware of how costly weddings can be, and they’ll most likely want to do what they can to help make your wedding go as smoothly as possible.

Plan to Give a Toast

The couple should be prepared to toast their friends and family for all their past and present support. If public speaking makes you a little uneasy, write down your toast and practice a few times before giving it. You’ll feel less nervous knowing you’ve prepared yourself. Don’t be nervous. You’ll be presenting your toast to some of your closest friends and family members. They’ll love and respect you regardless of how your speech turns out!

Make the Dinner Reflective of You as a Couple

If your favorite thing to do is be outside, host the dinner at an outdoor venue. If your first date was at a Mexican restaurant, plan a Mexican style dinner. Whatever theme represents you best. Incorporating things you love into your dinner will add meaning and romance to your celebration. Your guests will enjoy learning about the things you find pleasure in as a couple.

rehearsal dinner ideas
Red & Grey Journey dinner rehearsal invitation by PurpleTrail.

Express Your thanks

Some people choose to give gifts to each of the wedding party participants to thank them for their involvement in the wedding. If gifts are outside your budget, give each person a personalized note of your gratefulness for their role in your union. A simple thank you note goes a long way! This is one of the rehearsal dinner ideas that is a must.

Invite Your Out-Of-Town Guests

Invite other family members who are not part of the ceremony and out-of-town guests to join your rehearsal dinner. This is only suggested if you have the means to provide for the extra people. It’s always great to have more time to spend with your family and out-of town guests that you may not see often. Enjoy your dinner for what it is, an opportunity to relax, unwind, and begin the celebration of your wedding! For more information on rehearsal dinner ideas, check out our Rehearsal Dinner Basics article.

Enjoy the Experience

We hope these rehearsal dinner ideas were a big help for planning special day! Remember to be creative and have fun planning out your celebration. Hold a celebration you and your guests will never forget. Good luck!

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