Wedding Planning Tips for the Modern Bride

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As you begin looking for wedding invites and planning your upcoming wedding, you may be looking into how tradition plays a part in this life event. Marriage traditions have evolved so much over time. Many antiquated rules and formalities just don’t apply to today’s modern bride or groom. We’ve put together some tips to help you, the modern bride, as you plan your wedding day so that you may liberated to follow your heart and not be bound by out of date concepts of wedding decorum.

The Invites. There are so many styles of wedding invitations to choose from. You can choose DIY invitations or order professionally printed wedding invites. The sky is the limit in terms of design and color. Create an invitation that speaks to the style and theme of our wedding. Casual, contemporary or formal: choose what’s right for as a couple. Save the Date announcements and magnets are a new popularity.

The Dress. If your favorite color is pink or purple or even red, why wouldn’t you want to wear that on your wedding day? Live boldly and choose the dress that fits you best in both physical fit and that of your personality. If you don’t want to wear a solid colored dress, add accents of color in ribbon, jewelry or other accessories. Think outside the box. A white wedding dress is perfectly lovely but not a necessity.

The Veil. If a veil suits your style then go for it but in no way is this a necessary accessory for the modern bride. No need to shield your face before presentation to your groom if you don’t want to. Don’t misunderstand, veils are beautiful they are just not required.

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The Guest List. Most couples struggle with the guest list. It can be the thing that breaks the budget. Don’t be afraid to tell your family that the old co-worker can’t come. This is especially true if you and your spouse to be are footing the cost of the wedding. Even if your families are contributing financially, it’s ok to assert veto power on who makes the list and who doesn’t. Keep in mind whose marriage you are celebrating and then you can help your family keep it in mind too.

The Bill. If possible, sort out early, clearly and in writing who will be paying for what. That way when the invoices start rolling in there’s no question of who they go to. Create a spreadsheet and make sure everyone gets an updated copy of it. Money can be a tense topic so the more clear and concise you can be about it, the better.

The Vows. This the day you begin your official journey with your partner in crime. Make it special and personalized. Even if you don’t write your own vows, most officiants will work with you and meet with you a few times to make sure they get to know you as a couple. Be sure to add in things that represent who you are as individuals and as a couple. Don’t be afraid to let convention go the wayside.

The Gist. Be who you are at your wedding. Incorporate yourselves into it all. You don’t have to bring any traditions of weddings or marriage that don’t apply to you. It’s about committing to each other in front of those you love and allowing them to share in and support your love.

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