Wedding Centerpieces – A Vegetable Twist

As you prepare the wedding invites, consider a unique centerpiece idea. Have you ever thought of incorporating artichokes, green beans, or asparagus into your wedding centerpieces? No? Well the folks at Project Wedding, did and the result was beautiful. The took ordinary pillar candles and turned them into vegetable covered art. Add in some roses, lavender and ribbon, and you have one elegant centerpiece. Here’s what you’ll need to create this centerpiece:
¢â,¬¢Red Berry Branches
¢â,¬¢Purple Filler Flowers
¢â,¬¢Moss Blocks
¢â,¬¢Large Circular Acrylic Trays
¢â,¬¢Green Beans
¢â,¬¢Oasis Mini-Deco Holders
¢â,¬¢Floralife Quick Dip
¢â,¬¢Large Pillar Candle (1 per centerpiece)
¢â,¬¢Medium Pillar Candle (2 per centerpiece)
¢â,¬¢Votive or Floating Candle (2 per centerpiece)
¢â,¬¢Rubber Bands
¢â,¬¢Wired Wide Ribbon

At Project Wedding you’ll find step by step directions helping you to create this artful and unique centerpieces. Enjoy!

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