Walk The Plank! Pirate Party Games and Activities

Treasure Map Pirate Party game Invitation

When it comes to your child’s birthday party, you can’t go wrong with a pirate theme.  From the pirate party invitations to the decorations, you and your child will have a blast with the planning process. But once every little pirate has arrived, how will they pass the time? Our party experts have put together some great pirate party game ideas to help you decide.

Treasure Map Pirate Party game Invitation

Pirate Party Game Ideas

Every birthday party should include some games, but a pirate-themed party should have some fun pirate party games for the little guests to enjoy. These ideas will help you plan activities for the ultimate pirate party.

  • A treasure Hunt: You can make up practically anything for clues. If your party will have a lot of guests, divide the kids into teams. At the end of the hunt, find an interesting place marked with a large X to hide a treasure chest filled with goodie bags for each child. This ensure the loot will be distributed evenly so that every little pirate will be a winner. For tips on creating a treasure hunt, check out this article.
  • Sword fight like the real pirates: Most of the kids will want to sword fight. So, we have an idea for a safe solution! Have the birthday boy or girl and a guest start the duel. Each child is given a bread stick for a sword and the object of the game is to break your opponent’s bread stick without breaking your own. When you have nothing left but a stump, you must surrender and the next pirate steps up. The kid who stays the champ the longest is the winner. Make sure to tell the kids beforehand that they are only allowed to hit the others bread stick. If any other body part gets hit, the pirate is disqualified.
  • Talk the Walk Pirate Game: On a chart, make a list of pirate words and their meanings. For example, “Ahoy = hello, Aye = yes, Cutlass = sword.” write the pirate word and their meaning. Show the chart to the kids as they arrive. Say that whoever talks like a pirate the most throughout the party wins a prize!
  • Canon Ball Pop game: For this game, place slips of paper inside white balloons that have skull and crossbones printed on them. On one or a few of the slips, write “Shiver me timbers! Booty fer ye!” and on the rest write “Begad! No booty fer ye!” Kids then pop the balloons and read the slips to see who has won the booty.
  • Walk the Plank pirate game: No Pirate birthday party is complete without “Walk the Plank”. There are many innovative ways to play it. The simplest is to draw a plank on a sidewalk with chalk. Blindfold the kids and have them walk inside the lines. Another is to take a kiddie pool and place a plank on top of it. Have little inflatable alligators swim in it for an authentic alligator pit. Then see who can “walk the plank” without falling into the “alligator pit”.
  • Man Overboard: Fill a kiddie pool with water, plastic sharks, shells and sea creatures. Then add the “man overboard,” a small pirate figure. Give the kids a set time limit for digging through the water to find the man overboard. The first one to find him wins!
  • Treasure Chest Toss: Set up a series of treasure chests, wooden boxes, or baskets at different distances and assign each a point value. Line the little pirates up and give each a set number of plastic gold coins. The goal to the game is to get as many points as possible by tossing the coins into the containers.
  • X Marks the Spot: Here’s a pirate twist on the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” party game. Make or buy a large map and add an “X” to mark the treasure spot. Blindfold your little pirates, spin them around, and have them attempt to place a treasure chest sticker on the X. The closest treasure chest wins.
  • Capture the Pirate Flag: Divide the kids into two teams, each with their own flag and own “island.” The pirates then hide their pirate flag somewhere on their island. The goal is to find the opposing flag and bring on to your team’s island. If one pirate carrying the flag is tagged by an opposing pirate, he is sent to a designated deserted island where a friendly tag from his own teammates rescues him. First team to get the opposing team’s flag onto their own island wins.
  • Pass the Cannonball: This is a twist on the classic kids’ party game, “Hot Potato.” Paint a soccer ball black, or buy a small black ball, and write “EXPLOSIVE” on it. Have the little pirates stand in a circle and pass the cannonball around as fast as they can while music plays. When the music stops, the last person holding the cannonball is out and the game continues like this until there is one winner left.

Your little buccaneers will have a blast with any of these fun pirate party game ideas. Yo ho!

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