Valentines Gift Ideas — 10 Swoon-Worthy Gifts You Will Love

valentines gift ideas

Show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you this Valentines Day with a thoughtful, romantic gift! Use this top ten list of Valentines gift ideas for inspiration.

1. Custom Valentines Day Card

Use our online card making software to create a beautiful photo Valentine’s Day card your guy or gal will love. Fill your custom card with favorite photos, romantic quotes, and swoon-worthy poetry.

This Moment Valentine Card

Consider creating a booklet Valentines Day card that includes a timeline of you and your partner’s relationship. Start with your first date and move on to present day. You can even add notes as to where you see you and your partner in the future (married with children or perhaps living in your dream home). Include photos and embellishments for added effect.

This gift is a for sure win! It will evoke sentimental and precious memories the two of you have shared. Your lover will be sure to hold onto your sweet fairing for years to come!

2. Dance, French, or Cooking Classes

Knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving , so consider allocating time and money for a couple’s class; it will be a gift your mate will enjoy and remember for years to come. Dance, French, and cooking classes are a few of the more romantic options. But, choose an area that you know your partner is interested in and your gift will be a sure success.

valentines gift ideas
A couple dancing.

3. Massage Coupon

Who doesn’t enjoy a massage? Purchase a certificate from an upscale spa or massage parlor in your area. Go as a couple, so you both can enjoy the refreshing and relaxing experience together.

4. Plane Tickets

What could be more romantic than an intimate trip for two? For adventurous, travel lovers: nothing! Plan out a trip to your mate’s favorite vacation spot. Make it a surprise or involve them in the planning process, so they can share input and advice.

If you’re on a budget, plan a simple weekend getaway to a nearby city or state. For an even cheaper trip idea, consider taking a day trip or opting for a nature hike and campout. For more romantic trip recommendations, take a look at our Best Honeymoon Destination and Most Romantic Places In America articles.

5. Custom Photo Calendar — 12 Reasons I Love You

Customize one of our gorgeous photo calendars with your favorite photos, quotes, and poetry. Include a reason you love your partner on each page. They can enjoy your romantic gift all year long!

Black And Emerald Damask Photo Wall Calendar

6. Adopt A Pet

Although this gift idea should be taken with caution, a pet might be a perfect present for an animal lover who has considered purchasing one for a long time. Check out your local humane society to learn more about animal adoption. Bring your partner so they can be a part of the process too.

7. DIY Photo Clock

You can create your own custom photo clock using five simple materials: semi-gloss photo paper, glue, foam board, a clock kit, and a utility knife. Turn your favorite couple photo, or maybe a photo of your partner’s dearly beloved pet, into a totally cool custom clock.

Simply print a photo, cut it out, attach foam board to its back, and add the clock kit. The entire thing can be  assemble in less than an hour.

This is a lovely gift that will not only impress your partner, but it will also add romance and style to their home. For more detailed instructions, take a look at

8. Flowers

A classic gift like this never gets old. Pick up a dozen of your partner’s favorite flowers. If you want to invest in a product with a longer life span, consider purchasing a potted orchid, camelia bonsai, or hibiscus.

valentines gift ideas
Beautiful pink blossoming camelia bonsai.

9. Hand-Stamped Blanket

Keep your partner warm with a hand printed blanket. You can stamp your blanket with a romantic message, your partner’s name, or a variety of shapes. But, for Valentines Day it might be a good idea to go with a heartshaped stamp.

For this DIY project you’ll need: a throw blanket, Martha Stewart All Surface Paint, paintbrush, scissors, cardboard, and cork. Start by cutting out various shaped hearts (from the cardboard).

Add corks to the back of your cutouts to make a handle for the stamps. Then add paint to the hearts and stamp them onto the blanket. Continue stamping until you’re satisfied with the pattern. Touch up any spotty areas with your paintbrush.

10. Chocolate

Another traditional Valentines Day gift that has stood the test of time; chocolate is a gift that will be sure to win over your lover’s heart (and stomach). Make this gift more special by splurging a bit on the “good stuff.” Or, tuck a romantic poem inside of the box of chocolates before giving it to your partner. You could even stuff some chocolate inside of a personalized mug with hot cocoa packets and marshmallows!

Valentines Gift Ideas

Hopefully this top ten list of Valentines gift ideas gives you the inspiration you need to find the perfect gift for your true love! For more gift ideas, take a look at this DIY Anniversary Gifts article. And, if you have a great idea that we failed to include — please let us know via the comment box below. Good luck and happy Valentines Day!


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