Teen Valentines Day Party Ideas – Slumber Party

Grunge Love Rocks Valentine's Day Party Invitation Teen Valentines Day Party Ideas

Teenage girls are always looking for an excuse to have a slumber party. What better excuse than a Valentine’s Day Sleepover party! Set the tone of the evening, with oh so lovely Valentines Day invitations. Girls night is always night to remember. Here’s some helpful teen Valentines Day party ideas, to help you plan a great slumber party.

Grunge Love Rocks Teen Valentines Day Party Invitation

Teen Valentines Day Party Ideas

Pre Planning: Before you send in the invites, take into account the amount of space you have and where those guests will spend the night. You must make sure that the interests of all the guests are considered for maximized fun. Your friends may come from different social circles and will want to at least know one other person at the party other than the host.

Party Invitations: While planning, the first thing that comes to mind is how to send Valentines invitations. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Send out cards in the shape of a heart or cupid, or with the shape of a heart on the front.
  • Hand deliver a small red box filled with candies and stick an invitation note to it.
  • Personalize any of our Valentine’s Day invitations. You can print at home, send them online or opt for, PurpleTrail, Print. The Design Center tools make it easy to create custom Valentine’s invitations.

Remember, the invitations should be sent out at least a week or two weeks before the party, as people plan their Valentine’s Day in advance. And since it is a slumber party, ask that they RSVP at least 5 days in advance so you can make adjustments for the number of people attending.

Valentine’s Day Party Decorations: Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to decorate the house and make your slumber party festive. Here are a few options that are not just low on cost, but easy and fun to create.

  • Hot glue candies to a sturdy grosgrain ribbon and use it to decorate your table: wrap around a napkin, lay on a placemat, or use double-face tape to attach to the outside of a vase of flowers.
  • Scatter hearts made out of construction paper on tables. Make bigger hearts and tape them onto walls. Also, punch holes at the top of the heart and hang them on the back of chairs, beds etc. Decorate your ceiling with hanging heart shape balloons and cute cupids.
  • Put out any pink or red pillows and rugs.
  • Get small teddy bears and then tie a piece of cardstock with each guests name on it onto the teddy bear with ribbon.
  • Get pink or red utensils, plates and napkins.
  • Place heart shaped candle stands, flower vases, and Hershey’s kisses in decorative bowls around the room.
  • And of course nothing beats the effect of red or white roses and heart shaped balloons around the room. You could use rose petals or artificial silk ones to add that special touch to your decor.
  • Decide ahead of time what music you will play.

Activities: Not having games at a party is like not having cheese on a pizza! So on Valentine’s Day, have a great time with your guests playing some easy and fun party games:

  • Broken Hearts: This is a great game to help your guests get to know one another. Cut some large hearts out of red, pink or purple construction paper. Then cut the hearts in half using curvy cuts or zigzags. As guests arrive hand then each a “half” of a heart. Ask them to find the person with the other half of the heart.
  • Number the Kisses: Fill a clear jar with Hershey’s Kisses and count them. As the guests arrive give them each a slip of paper and a pen and have them guess how many are in the jar. Then, put the guess in the basket. Then look through the guesses and award the jar to the person who had the closest guess. You can make the jar look pretty by tying red and pink ribbon around it and decorating it with glitter glue.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: Get a piece of white poster board and draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board on it. Use red and pink construction paper hearts to play.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Before the party starts, hide pieces of ribbon or yarn all over the house (about 100 or 200). Divide the guests into teams of 2 people and have them find the ribbons and tie them up into a chain. The team with the longest chain wins.

Food & Drinks: Your food choices are unlimited for this holiday. It is always fun however, to add a bit of festive spirit into the food. It is the small touches that make the biggest impact. Here are just a couple of suggestions to make your food look even love-lier!

  • Use pink and red food coloring in as much food as you can! This works especially great in a variety of desserts like cake or mousse.
  • Cut sandwiches into hearts. Go to a gourmet cooking supply store and look for edible hearts and cupids to adorn your favorite foods!
  • Keep the food light, or small portions. The girls will likely want to snack all evening long. Select a sweet, but light dessert so you can feel indulged without being too stuffed.
  • Homemade smoothies or ice-cream shakes would be great choices for drinks.

Slumber Party: Make sure you have enough sleeping accommodations for everyone. Include somewhere quiet for the early ones to drop off. Not everyone will fall asleep at the same time, and there’s nothing crankier than someone the party kept up.

Favors: It is always a special gesture to send your guests home with a small gift to keep the memory of the party alive. Here are a few ideas to do just that!

  • Use heart shaped Boxes to load your guests up with sweet treats and heart-shaped chocolates!
  • Purchase waffle cones and fill them with assorted Valentine candy and wrap the entire cone with red Cellophane. Tie the top with a red ribbon.
  • Choose from several styles of decorative candles, frames or photo boxes. Frames and photo boxes are particularly good favor ideas if you take some photos of the guests at your party and send copies home with the guests.

The Next Morning: A sleepover isnt over until the guests depart, but unfortunately many parties fizzle after the sun comes up. While hosts need to be aware of when guests must leave, adding special treats and fun to the morning helps keep the festive nature of the event alive. Be sure to plan ahead for the morning after. Decide whether or not you’re going to provide breakfast and what to have. Some people just provide hot cocoa, juice and doughnuts or bagels, but you could go for a more expansive spread. You could consider offering a fun breakfast, such as personalized omelets or sweet treats like pastries.

Go on and try these party ideas while celebrating with your friends. It is the season of love and celebrations, so make the most of it by partying, dancing and singing. Good food and good friends make for a good time.

We hope you adored these teen Valentines Day party ideas!

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