Valentines Day Party Ideas

Get your Valentine’s Day cards and Valentine’s Day Party invitations ready. The more, the merrier! Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a group. Valentine’s Day is about spending time with people that you care about, whether that is a few friends or your true love. Here are some great valentines day party ideas for a fun filled and romantic evening.

Valentines Day Party Invitations

Love Bites Valentines Day Party Ideas Invitation

Valentines Day Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day, Party Invitations: Sending out heart-shaped cards is always a, fun idea, or you can also send out invites in the shapes of cupid, lock and keys or roses. Browse our lovely collection of Valentine’s Day cards and Valentine’s Day party invitations for more inspiration.

Valentine Party Decorations: The decorations for a Valentine’s Day party do not have to be expensive. The decorations will give your guests a perfect atmosphere of fun and romance. Here are some unique Valentines Day decoration ideas, which will set the mood for the most romantic evening ever!

  • Using chocolates as part of valentine party decoration is a good option. You can place red Valentine’s Day chocolate Hershey’s Kisses in decorative bowls around the room
  • Get some red garland and intertwine some mini lights through it. Decorate the dining room with this lighted garland. A big candle would make a romantic centerpiece on the table. The warm glow of the candles and the romantic red brilliance of the lighted garlands is the perfect way to set the mood for a special Valentines Day dinner.
  • Candles spread around the room also add a great romantic touch. Inexpensive tea lights work great when placed together in groups.
  • If you are looking to decorate a wall or two, you can easily make a heart shaped faux red hydrangea wreath.
  • And of course nothing beats the effect of red or white roses and heart shaped balloons around the room. You could use rose petals or artificial silk ones to add that special touch to your decor.

Music and dancing are synonymous with Valentine’s Day parties. So take time to decide ahead fo time what music you will play at the party. Love songs are a good choice, because it is Valentines Day after all. Your guests should have a romantic time at your gathering.

Valentine Party games: Not having games at a party is like not having cheese on a pizza! So on Valentine’s Day, have a great time with your guests playing some easy and fun party games:
Ring Fun: For this Valentines Day game, take a bowl filled with milk or, any opaque, liquid and throw a few rings in it. Now ask a couple to take off their rings and throw them in the bowl with the other rings. Then they have to put their hands in, feel the ring of their partner, and without seeing take it out. Both of them go together and are allowed to take their hands out only once. Time the contestants and the couple who finds the right rings in the shortest time, is declared the winner

Tie the Ribbons: Before the Valentine’s Day party starts, cut a few pieces of ribbon (about 100 or 200) and hide them all over the house or the party room. At the party, the couples have to find the ribbons and tie them up in a chain. The couple with the longest ribbon at the end of this adventurous Valentines Day game wins.

Valentine Party Menu Ideas: Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. So, your Valentine’s Day menu should consist of the most romantic foods. For drinks you could serve strawberry daiquiris or mimosas (pink champagne and orange juice). Let Cupid’s arrow fly by serving dinner in front of a fire on the floor with a bunch of blankets and pillows. Finger foods work great for this type of setting. Stuff sandwiches with pink salmon or crab meat. Put strawberries, cherries, or raspberries on croissants with whipped cream. For dessert try sundaes with strawberry ice cream or real strawberries. Along with that, you can go for lots of cakes, cookies and Valentines Day candies.

Valentine Party Favors: A favor is an act of courtesy to thank your guests by giving them party favor as souvenirs. Party favors like Valentine candy or decorative candles would be perfect. Don’t forget to give your guest a red bag to hold the party favors.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, start planning for your party. Try these party ideas while celebrating with your sweetheart and friends. It is the season of love and celebrations, so make the most of it by partying, dancing and singing. Good food and good friends make for a good time. Enjoy Valentine’s Day this year and celebrate big!

We hope these Valentines Day party ideas helped you plan for a fabulous celebration. Shop our cupid approved collection of Valentine’s Day cards, , party invitations and, fridge magnets for Valentine’s greetings that stick!

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