Valentine’s Day Facts and Trivia

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all kinds of love. Thoughtful Valentine’s Day cards, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, cupid and his arrows, and the color red seem to dominate this holiday. But why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? And why do we give our loved ones roses and chocolate? We’ve researched and found some Valentine’s Day facts and trivia to enlighten you.


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Love You More Gold Foil Valentine’s Day Card by


History and Origins

When it comes to Valentine’s Day facts, it’s best to start with the basics: the history and origins of Valentine’s Day.

  • The origin of Valentine’s Day is traced back to the ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia which was held on February 15. This day honored the gods Lupercus and Faunus, as well as the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.
  • The first Valentine gift was sent by “Duke of Orleans” to his wife, after he was captured in 1415.
  • Valentine’s Day gets its name from Saint Valentine, a man who performed secret marriage ceremonies in defiance of Claudius II, who had forbidden marriages among young men at that time (270 AD). Valentine was caught and arrested. While in jail, he fell in love with a jailer’s daughter and helped her regain her sight through the power of prayer. Before Valentine was executed, he wrote the girl a letter and signed it, “your Valentine.” Thus, February 14, the day of his execution, became a day to celebrate love and honor the man who believed in love enough to risk everything.

Symbols of Love

There are several symbols we associate with this holiday. Here are some Valentine’s Day facts about these symbols:

  • Cupid is said to be the symbol of valentines. Cupid is associated with Valentine’s Day because he is believed to be the son of Venus. Venus is the Roman god of love and beauty.
  • The heart is associated with Valentine’s Day as it is considered the source of all human emotions.
  • The red rose is also the symbol of Valentine’s Day because it is a favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. All over the world, over 50 million roses are given for Valentine’s Day each year.
  • From the moment chocolate was discovered it was considered valuable, divine and decadent so naturally it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Facts And Trivia

  • According to statistics, 73% of Valentine’s Day flowers are bought by men, whereas women buy only 23% of Valentine flowers.
  • According to a survey, approximately 3% of pet owners prefer giving Valentine gifts for their pets as pets are more grateful than humans.
  • Each year around 1 billion Valentine cards are sent across the world. After Christmas this is the single largest seasonal card-sending occasion.
  • Children between ages 6 to 10 give more than 650 million Valentine’s cards to their teachers, classmates, and family members.
  • Verona, the place where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives approximately 1,000 letters every year for Juliet on Valentine’s Day.
  • 15% of US women send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day.
  • Penicillin was introduced on February 14, 1929.
  • In the Middle Ages, people believed that the first unmarried person of the opposite sex you met on the morning of St. Valentine’s Day would become your spouse.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s certainly nothing wrong with sticking to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetheart. But if you’re looking for something unique, try one of these ideas:

  • A household appliance you’ll both enjoy for years to come, like a juicer or an espresso maker.
  • A fancy home-cooked meal, from appetizers to dessert.
  • Custom mugs from PurpleTrail
  • An MP3 player loaded with your valentine’s favorite music.
  • A gift basket with plenty of tasty treats.
  • Books or movies you know they’ll love.
  • Tickets to a show.
  • A night at a bed and breakfast or a weekend getaway.
  • A custom framed art print.
  • A quirky phone case.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Valentine’s Day facts and ideas! Remember, this day is about celebrating all love, not just romantic love, so enjoy this beautiful holiday with those you hold dear.

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