Valentines Day Decoration Ideas For A Perfect Party

Hugs And Kisses Tic Tac Toe Valentines Day Decoration Party Invitation

Decorations add life to a party. With Valentine Day around the corner here are some exclusive valentines day decoration ideas to make your party a perfect blend of elegance and romance. Be sure to also take a look at our stunning Valentine’s Day party invitations.

Valentines Day Cards

Hugs And Kisses Tic Tac Toe Valentines Day Decoration Party Invitation

Valentines Day Decoration Ideas

  • Make your party entrance grand with a huge Valentines Day banner. You can put this banner at the entrance to your home or the party room so all the guests will see it when they arrive.
  • To make your guests feel special you can sprinkle red glitter to make a walkway.
  • Decorating the trees in front of your home with red heart streamers would also be a good idea. You can either drape the trees with streamers or simply hang them to sway in the wind.
  • Hearts make an important Valentine’s day symbol and therefore they are a must for your party decor. To give it a personal look you can decorate the balloons with glue glitter and then hang then in bunches throughout the party area.
  • Decorating with balloons of Valentine’s day colors is also a good option. Good color choices would be red, pink, purple and white.
  • Along with the heart ceiling decoration you can also decorate with hanging cupids. You can make these cupid cut outs from posterboard, cardboard or even red construction paper. Just cut them out and hang from the ceiling

To give a more romantic touch to the party space walls or windows, you can cut a combination of red, pink or purple heart shapes of different sizes using construction paper and create a collage.

  • For table decorations you can cover your dinner table with a red or pink table cloth and get some red and white flatware. In the center of the table your can keep this beautiful valentine centerpiece, which has a lovely red heart carried by cupids. Your guest will be excited to see your unique table decor.

valentine_centerpiece Valentines Day Decoration Ideas

  • For a nice table centerpiece you can take a lead crystal bowl and put some floating candles in it. You can even add heart or cupid shape candles and add some red flowers to the bowl.
  • You can also give the area a romantic touch by keeping the lights mellow and playing some soft background music.

If you have still not started planning for your valentine’s day party this is the time to get started. Throw a spectacular party and treasure your precious Valentine moments!

We hope you enjoyed our Valentines Day decoration ideas. Shop our gorgeous collection of Valentine’s Day Party Invitations, for more inspiration.

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