Twins First Birthday Party Ideas

A first birthday for twins should be like any other first birthday celebration, except double the fun. Rather than celebrating one child’s first birthday, you’ll be celebrating for two — and you’ll want to make this clear in your custom first birthday invitations, decorations, entertainment, and favors. Let us help you make your children’s first birthday extra special with these great twins first birthday party ideas. We’ll not only help you plan a party that is twice the fun, but we’ll help you have it planned in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

twins first birthday party ideas

Twins First Birthday Theme

When planning for any celebration you’ll want to select a party theme before anything else. Your theme can be a color scheme or a subject, such as: nautical, safari, circus, or Dr. Seuss. After you’ve selected a theme, select invitations, decor, entertainment, and favors that fit within your first birthday party theme. When deciding on a theme, think of how you can include unique twins first birthday party ideas within it. For example, if you go with a circus theme: top your cake off with two “twin elephants”, center your decor around two colors (one representing each child), and use two stuffed-elephant toys as your table centerpieces. Double up certain pieces of decor — create two separate photo boards, two different cakes, and so on. This will make your celebration more fun and special for each child.

Twins First Birthday Venues

You can hold your twins first birthday celebration anywhere. If you’re interested in saving cash, hold the celebration in the comfort of your home or backyard. This will save you money and make preparations much easier — plus, most of your guests will already know where you live, and you wont have to worry about transporting your children. If you’re willing to spend a bit extra on a cool venue, check out some of the suggestions below for ideas.

twins first birthday party ideas
Child at a petting zoo.

Aquarium: If you live near an aquarium, check to see if they hold parties. Many aquariums have space available for children’s birthday parties and will offer a birthday package that includes: a party room, entertainment, and activities for kids. This is a great venue choice because adults and children alike will enjoy the amenities the aquarium has to offer. This venue will be especially great if you’re going with a nautical or under the sea theme for your children’s first birthday.

Zoo: Throwing your party at a zoo is a great idea, especially if it goes along with your party theme. Kids and adults will enjoy strolling through the exhibits and checking out all the animals. Many zoos will even help host your birthday party via offering entertainment, activities for the kids, and close animal encounter shows. Inquire about birthday parties at your local zoo and see what they have to offer.

Twins First Birthday Invitations

Create custom first birthday invitations that match your theme perfectly. Add photos, theme appropriate fonts and colors, and party details to your one-of-a-kind custom invites. Remember, your invites will be the first thing your guests see of your celebration, so they should introduce your theme and give recipients a glimpse of the celebration ahead.   Also make sure to include important details regarding what your guests should bring, where the party is located, and the time and date of the celebration. List anything your guests will need to know ahead of time, and make sure to include your contact number in case they have any questions.

Twins First Birthday Decorations

Correlate your decorations with your chosen theme. Streamers, banners, balloons, and photo boards will make great additions to your party. Guests will enjoy seeing how much your children have grown over the past twelve months, so try to make photos a huge part of your party. Use framed photos as table centerpieces. Create photo garland or a photo timeline of your twins — showcasing photos from their birth to the present.

Twins First Birthday Entertainment

You’ll want to prepare entertainment that all of your guests will enjoy. If you plan on inviting a lot of youngsters to your celebration, set up a few activities for them. Pinatas, crafts, face painting, and games will keep your young guests entertained.

twins first birthday party ideas
Fun safari inspired face painting.

For adult guests, prepare a list of trivia questions and answers. You can either leave sheets of questions at your guests tables, and let them fill them out as they please, or organize your guests into teams and ask the questions verbally. The trivia questions can be relevant to your theme, or maybe one-year-olds, or simply general trivia questions. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to award the winning player or team a small prize.

Twins First Birthday Favors

Your first birthday party favors by no means should be extravagant. Keep your favors simple. Give away a small practical gift that shows your appreciation for your guests attendance and support. Baked goods, candy, photos, candles, and soap all make for lovely gifts your guests can make use of, or eat, later. If at all possible, try to tie your favors into your theme or party color scheme.

twins first birthday party ideas
Packaged candy first birthday party favors.

Twins First Birthday Party Ideas

Hope these twin first birthday party ideas give your the inspiration you need to plan a spectacular celebration for you children. Remember to make the celebration special for each child. If you’re in need of more first birthday party ideas, take a look at our Ideas For First Birthday — Planning An Unforgettable Celebration article. Good luck planning your celebration and congratulations.

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