Twilight Costume Ideas For Halloween – Bella and Edward

If Twilight is the theme of your halloween party invitations, then we haves some costume ideas for you. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight book series has definitely won the hearts of many loyal fans. The tale of two star crossed lovers, Bella, a quiet, clumsy average girl and Edward, in the authors words, “fantastically beautiful, sparkly and a vampire.”, The subtleties of these characters makes them hard to emulate but the, trick is to capture the details. They aren’t, “traditional” looking vampires. No fangs or capes for these characters. , If you want to dress up like your favorite Twilight characters this Halloween, we’ve put together some great Twilight character costume ideas.

Bella. Sweet, innocent, and average. Bella does not like to draw attention to herself. If you choose to dress up like Bella at prom, you’ll want to find a jewel blue knee length dress. Keep your hair natural and with soft waves. For everyday Bella, choose a fitted t-shirt or fitted flannel shirt, a brown hoodie, fitted jeans, and simple tennis shoes. If you need to stay warm, wear a, blue Bella jacket as well. Bella keeps her hair pretty simple and out of her face. You can add in the details by carrying a shiny red apple, a feathered tulip or tie a red ribbon around your arm (representative of Eclipse, the third book). Make sure to create a very pale face. Here are some tips from BellaSugar for creating Bella Swan’s look.


Edward. Cool, mysterious, continually, fighting the urge to kill his beloved Bella…such a tortured soul. Create your Edward Cullen look for Halloween with these ideas. You definitely want to create a pale look to your face. Dust on the palest color of powder you can find. Baby powder could work too. Edward also sparkles in the sun so you could add just a hint of glitter to the powder. Also, create dark circles under the eyes. After all, Edward hasn’t slept in 100 years. Use charcoal or dark brown matte shadow lightly under the eyes. Edward has golden eyes. Check around for non-prescription golden colored contacts. Use just a touch of red gloss for lips to really show off the pale face of Edward. Edward’s outfits are simple and understated. You’ll want to where darker wash jeans and tight fitting black or grey t-shirts. You can also add in a dark grey wool trench coat. Edward does his best to not look like a vampire. His hair is bronze colored and is always tousled looking. Add in a little gel for that piecey, messy look.

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