Twilight Character Costume Ideas – Beyond Bella and Edward

Twilight is a great theme for Halloween party invitaitons. The Twilight saga is one of love, torment, and coming of age. The Twilight characters are, not your typical vampires. There are no capes or fangs involved in these costumes. If you are planning to be your favorite Twilight character for Halloween, keep reading. We put together some general tips for transforming into a Twilight Vampire and some, inspiring costume ideas for the characters beyond Bella and Edward.

Overall Vampire Transformation Tips

  • You want to create pale skin for most, of the, characters – not white skin.
  • Light, shimmery powder is the best option.
  • If you plan to use make -up, stay away from Halloween make up kits.
  • Oil based foundations and concealers with soft rose colored blush will work best. Choose colors that look good on you. ,
  • If you really want to get into character, you’ll need non prescription color contacts in either a golden color (for the Cullen family), red for regular vampires, or black for a hungry vampire.
  • You’ll want full pink or light red lips. Use lip liner and gloss to acheive this.
  • For the boys, just a touch of red lip gloss will help your lips look full and your skin pale.
  • If you want to create dramatic eyes, go for a smokey eye using greys, dark browns and plums. Dark eyeliner and mascara are a must as well.
  • And don’t forget, no fangs!

twilight cast.jpg,

Twilight Charaters:

Alice – Alice is Edward’s sister. She is referred to as quirky and artsy. If you don’t have short hair, consider a short dark wig. She styles her hair rather edgy and sharp. A simple pair of fitted jeans, a white fitted blouse and a dark colored vest will capture Alice’s signature school look. You could also go with a vintage knee length dress and dark colored leggings. Don’t forget the Bronze or metallic colored ballet flats.

Rosalie– She has golden eyes and is considered to be the most beautiful person in the world. Statuesque with long blond wavy hair. Stylish and confident, a good Victoria costume would call for a fabulous pair of heels, white jeans, a fitted jacket over a fitted shirt or thin sweater. If you really want to go all out, find a sexy scarlet satin dress that is floor length, tight to the calves, has a ruffled train, and plunges in the front to the waistline. Hair should be worn, long blond and free flowing.

Victoria– a red-haired vampire. She is often wearing kitschy shirts that say things like “Kiss Me I’m Irish”. Her style has a rock and roll edge to it. Fitted tank tops, boot cut jeans and some arm length fingerless fishnet or leather gloves are all things to help you capture Victoria’s look.

Jasper– A head full of bronze colored hair, wavy and off the face, pale skin, and dark golden eyes. A great outfit to wear for Jasper would be a, dark blue button up shrit, black trench coat, and a large black umbrella.

Emmett– A very athletic build will help you the most with this costume. He has short hair. White jeans, white sweatshirt, a wristband, white and black striped hat, worn backward and to the side would be a great costume. Or just track pants, a, fitted tank top and, a backward baseball cap. Don’t forget the, golden eyes!

Jacob– Jacob starts out with long silky black hair but in New Moon he sports short, spiky, black hair. Stencil on his tribal tattoo, and wear fitted, low slung jeans. A shirt is optional but a white fitted undershirt would be appropriate for his character. Jacob is not a vampire, he is a werewolf, and has dark brown eyes. Tie a string around your ankle for real character authenticity.

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