Adult Party Game Ideas

Hosting a party and need some creative fun party games for adults? Set the tone with, stylish personalized party invitations. Then find inspiration from these, top 7 adult party games to help, keep your party rolling.

Famous Couples – Adult Party Game

Make a list of famous couples. Cut out each of the couples name individually. Make sure you have one half of a couple for every guest. As your guests arrive, tape one name to their back. The goal is for each person to find their match. To do this, they must ask yes or no questions about their identity. It’s a great way to get people mingling and gives them something to talk about.

Dance Moves Game – Adult Party Game

For a fun filled evening that will keep everyone entertained, try one of the many dance games available, like “Dance Dance Revolution DVD Game”. All you have to do is hook up the game, turn on the TV, crank up the volume, and let the dance moves fall where they may! With this type of game, guests are sure to have a blast and burn some serious calories! Make sure you have moved any furniture or breakable items so nobody gets hurt when the party takes off! Give out prizes for the smoothest, wackiest and most complicated dance moves.

Adult Party Game
Man wearing a paper bag. Photo courtesy of Paperbaghead.

Paper Bag Peek-A-Boo – Adult Party Game

Place all the guests in a circle. Have them place paper bags over their heads. Instruct them to remove everything they are wearing that is not absolutely necessary. The person with the most items off in two minutes wins the prize. Most guests begin to remove all kinds of clothing items without realizing that they could remove the paper bag, too. All guests that figure this one out before the end of two minutes win a prize.

It’s Me! – Adult Party Game

This is a great game for a dinner party. It works best if you begin playing after most people have arrived and have had a little bit of time to chat and mingle. To prepare you’ll need to create two sets of number to cut up. One set, to be given to each guest and one set to be drawn from a hat. You’ll also need an emcee for the night and a list of questions (number of questions should equate to the number sets you cut up).

Every guest will need to be given a number as they enter the party. Dont tell why they are given the number, best if they think it is to win something.

Once you are ready to play, ask if everyone has a number and if they can remember to say, “It’s me”. They will seem confused, and that’s ok. They will soon figure it out!

Start by drawing a number out, of the, hat and I that person to stand and tell them that you will read a question and all they must do is answer “It’s me”.

Sample Questions:

  • Who has had seconds or thirds already tonight?
  • Who, can’t stop talking about their pets?
  • Who is going to clean up after all of us?
  • Who secretly wishes they were at home watching hulu?
  • Who is the loudest person here?
  • Who is the shyest person here?
  • Who is just dying to do some karaoke?
  • Who is wearing their socks from yesterday?
  • Who is the best looking person here?
  • Who is, looking like they’ve put on a few pounds?
  • Who wants to be a millionaire?
  • Who wishes, I would stop asking questions?

You can really tailor the questions to fit any party theme. You can make them specific to the guest list or about the holiday or occasion you are celebrating. It’s sure to get lots of laughs each time you play.

Adult Party Game
Game night invitation by PurpleTrail.

Blindfolded Pairs – Adult Party Game

You can play this blindfold game 2 ways. It is best played when all the guests are couples. You can either select the men or the ladies to be blindfolded. The goal is of the one who is blindfolded is to identify his or her mate. All the non-blindfolded people stand in a line to wait to be identified. They can only be touched on one body part. Things that work well are hands and knees. Send the blindfolded people down the line one by one until they think they’ve identified their mate. This game is sure to produce some good laughs.

Two Truths and, a Lie – Adult Party Game

This game works really well for groups that don’t know each other very well. Gather everyone in the same room. Take turns going around the room and each person must say two truths and one lie. The person on the speakers right, must guess which statement is the lie. If they don’t get it right, then the next person over gets a a turn. After 2 wrong guesses, the player can reveal what the lie was. You can also play this anonymously buy having everyone write down their two truths and a lie. And then elect one person to read each paper aloud. The guests have to then guess both the person and the lie that was stated!

Safety Pin – Adult Party Game

It sounds super easy but its not, you’ll need: bag of rice, safety pins and a blind fold : Directions: fill a large mixing bowl half full with rice (long grain works best) mix in about 50 or so small to medium safety pins with blind fold on have each person try to grab as many pins they can in a 30 second time frame. Its amazing how competitive everyone gets at party. (Read More on Couples Games For Your Adult Party)

Have a great party!

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