Top 10 Tips to a Successful Yard Sale

Thinking of taking the plunge and setting up for a yard/garage/rummage sale this Spring or Summer? April is the perfect time to think about accomplishing a sale because everyone is excited about the nice weather and likes to be out and about! And a perfect time for you to get motivated to get organized! Here are my top 10 tips to make the most of your time in planning a sale and making it successful!

1. Advertise! Put a listing in your local paper, a free listing on your local Craig’s List website, post it on your Facebook/Twitter status and any other way you can get the word out!


2. Yard Signs! Especially if you live in one of those cul-de-sac mazes, signage is so very important. Use sturdy, bright poster board with bold black markers, or take a cardboard box and put large rocks inside to hold it down in the wind. And if weather permits, get some colorful balloons!

3. Work through your boxes! Go through your closet – anything you haven’t worn for the past year goes, anything you don’t have room for anymore goes, and those holiday decorations you’ve grown tired of, get those out too!

4. Price to sell. What would you pay for this item if you were the customer? Don’t dwell on how much you spent on it when you bought it and try to get all your money back. You’ve gotten your use of it, now it’s the next person’s turn! The goal of the garage sale is to get rid of things and make some extra cash while doing so.

5. Get a team together! Ask your best friend, sister, mother, neighbor, etc. to come over for the weekend of the sale and help you out! Also be sure to ask them if they want to bring over any of their items to sell and make sure their item tags have their initials on them. Having someone to laugh with, makes it a much more positive experience! My Grandma used to have an annual garage sale and it brought everyone in our family together. She always said she looked forward to the garage sale more than Christmas!

6. Display items in an organized fashion. No one really wants to rummage at the rummage sale, so treat it like a store front. Try to hang clothes on hangers if possible using rods and ladders or other types of racks. Organize items per table with holiday items, kitchen items, books, toys, kids clothes, misses sizes, etc. Try not to pile things up too high!

7. Have change ready! Stop at the bank a few days before and get small change to give back to your customers. Make sure to note how much you start with so that you can see how much money you made in the end! Be cautious to take checks from people you don’t know. If they don’t have enough cash, direct them to the nearest ATM and hold their items until they come back.

8. Be friendly and courteous. The last thing someone wants is a pair of eyes on them with arms crossed while shopping at your sale. Greet everyone that stops in and take things from their arms if they get full. Also, make sure to say thank you!

9. Get your kids involved. Kids have a hard time letting go of their toys, even if they haven’t played with them for more than 2 years. Explain to them that any toys they sell on the sale, you’ll let them use the money to buy another item they’ve had their eye on, or other rewards you know they’ll get excited about!

10. Make clean-up a breeze. If you plan to do another sale and have room for storage, you could pack some of the items up and set them back out at your next sale. Make sure to keep boxes available and labeled clearly. If the items are something you’d just love to get rid of, defiantly bring it to your local thrift store for donation!

I hope these tips are helpful and that you have a very successful Yard Sale Season!

Submitted by Janelle Fischer

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