Top 10 Cinco De Mayo Games For Kids

Mexican culture is greatly known for its colorful and all-embracing method of celebration. Set the tone, for your celebration with festive Cinco de Mayo invitations and add in some, games, to spice up your party. We’ve put together the top 10 Cinco de Mayo games for kids.

Cinco de Mayo Party Invitations

Fiesta Confetti And Flags Cinco De Mayo Games Invitation

Cinco de Mayo Games for Kids

Pass The Orange:For this Cinco de Mayo game make 2 teams of 5 to 10 people. Then ask both the teams to make separate lines, standing behind each other. Hand out each team an orange, and ask the first person to tuck it under his chin. This should be passed to the person behind without touching it with their hands. Once the orange reaches the last person in the line. He comes to the beginning of the line. The team which manges to get the starting person to the front again turns out to be the winner.

The Limbo Cinco de Mayo Game: This is an exciting game for kids ranging from 7 to 15 years. For this game you will need 2 people who will hold a stick at their eye level. Then ask the participants to cross the stick without touching or knocking it down. With each passing round bring the stick lower and lower and the guests need to bend their body backward to cross the stick. The player who manages it till the end is the winner. For some special effect you can have some light Mexican music playing in the background. If you have smaller kids at your party then ask them to crawl under the stick without touching it.

Word Scramble – Spanish Game: This game is a perfect option for guests 12 years and above. Make the guests sit in a circle and then hand out a list of simple Spanish words that have been scrambled. Without discussing with other participants, they must try to unscramble as many of the words as possible. Once all words have been unscrambled, or they have done as many as they can, they must hand their sheet back. The person who gets the most correct unscramble words is the winner of this Cinco de Mayo game.

Spanish word games: For this game you will have to make some arrangements before to the party begins. Make a list of 5 to 10 easy Spanish words or depending on what age group you have as your party guests. Get a few copies of these sheets. Once all the guests settle down, hand out one sheet each. In this game the participants have to guess the meaning of each word. The one who guesses the most correct meanings, turns out to be the winner.

Cinco De mayo Word Find Game: This is yet another fun game and will keep your guests on a roll. For this game, make a list of, Cinco de Mayo/Mexican related word such as: sombrero, guacamole, burritos, festival etc. Ask your guests to find as many little words as possible from the bigger words before the timer runs out. For example, if the word is Festival the words kids can, make the words:, vail, fat, fit, fail, file, sail etc. Your guests are sure to love these great Cinco de mayo games and will rave about your party planning skills.

Sombrero Cinco De Mayo Games: This game is a variation of the regular “passing the parcel” game. So instead of a pillow give them sombrero to pass. Make the participants sit in a circle and then ask the kids to pass on the sombrero when the music plays. Each time it is passed to them, they have to place it on their head for a second. When the music stops, the kid wearing the sombrero is out of the game or he has to dance or sing a song in the middle of the circle.

The Kickball Mexican Game: If you are planning to throw a great fiesta, then this is a perfect game to play outdoors. The aim of the game is for each team member to kick a ball around an obstacle course and the first team whereby all its members fully complete the course is the winner. Remember the participants are not suppose to touch the ball with their hands. Set the obstacle course to reflect the age of the kids. It could involve going round logs, tables and chairs, up a slide, around a tree, through a tunnel, kicking over a low net, through a paddling pool and so on. Give each team a colored badge or sash to wear in red, green or white to bring in a team spirit.

One Minute Chili Challenge Game: Give each brave guest a small bowl of hot chilies. Then set the stop watch to one minutes. The person who finishes the maximum chili in one minute turns out to be the winner. Don’t forget to keep a large glass of water ready or you can keep some candies in a bowl for these daring players. However, if you don’t want to keep chillies you can replace it with sour candies.

Cinco De Mayo Special Pinata: No Mexican theme party is complete without a pinata game. Take a pinata and fill it with candies and toys. Then hang the pinata and ask each participant to smack the pinata turn by turn or if you want you can give 3 chances each. As soon as the pinata breaks, kids rush to collect as many candies as they want. The one who is able to grab the maximum candies and toys turns out to be the winner.

Mexican Hat Relay Games: This is a great game and you are lucky if you have a backyard. First divide your guests into 2 even teams. Then hand out one hat each to both the teams. Ask both the teams stand in straight line facing each other. Then ask one of the member to place the hats in the center. Players must race down to the hat, dance around it 3 times then race back to tag their next team-mate. The first team to have all players complete their lap is the winner of this fun Cinco De Mayo party game.

Plan a great fiesta this Cinco de Mayo!!


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