Toddler Birthday Parties – All About Me Party For Toddlers

This is a toddler birthday party theme that is easy to put together, very budget friendly, and often a favorite of kids aged 2 to 3-years-old. Essentially, the party is all about the party child. Given that kids this age are learning and recognizing who they are, having a party that reflects them will be a lot of fun for this age. For you, it is super easy to put together!

Start with finding the right invitation. Consider choosing a theme that your kid is drawn to such as his favorite character and add a photo on the invitation that shows him dressed to match the character. has a large variety of customizable kids birthday invitations.

Cookie Monster Photo First Birthday Party Invitation by
Cookie Monster Photo First Birthday Party Invitation by


Here are the tips:

1. Ask your guests to dress in the same outfit as your child will. Make it something simple like jeans and a blue T-shirt. When everyone walks in they will be dressed exactly as your kid.

2. Decorate with your childs favorite colors using balloons, streamers, and tableware. If there is a favorite candy, have these scattered around the table as well. Print off pictures of your kid and have these hanging around the party room as well. You could also attach the pictures from streamers for additional fun decorations for when the guests arrive at your party.

3. Have several of your child’s favorite toys on a table and Play Dough for the kids to make replica creations of your kids favorite things

4. Have the birthday kid lead the gang in a round of “Simon Says,” but use your childs name instead of Simon.

5. Play “Pin the Nose on ___ (Your childs name.)” Print off a very large picture of your kid and hang it up. Cut out a big red nose and have them use this to try and pin the nose on.

6. What are some other fun games your child loves? Charades? Tag? Hide and Seek? Freeze? Mother May I? Red Light, Green Light? Whatever those favorite games are, if you have the room, play them.

7. Take pictures of each guest with your child, and place it into a frame to be taken home by the guests for the party favor. If you have a digital camera, these pictures can be printed off and placed in the frames. Alternatively, send the frames home and send the pictures with the thank you notes afterwards. Check out for our popular custom framed prints and start personalizing yours!

8. Have a cake with a picture of the birthday child on it. Make it his favorite cake and icing flavors.

9. Serve your childs favorite foods, even if outlandish, like Fruity Pebbles, serve them up to keep with your theme. It will add fun to the party menu.

The point of the whole party is to celebrate the unique-ness of your child and to share this with everyone at the party. It is easy, budget-friendly, and because there is no one just like your kid, it will be very special!

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids’ party planning company. Shop PurpleTrail’s unique collection of kids birthday party invitations

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