Tips To Liven Up Office Parties

Everyone loves a party. But what about office parties? We spend all week with these people and now we’re being forced to socialize with them? However, some of us are lucky enough to genuinely enjoy the company of our co-workers and look forward to social gatherings. Either way, office parties are often a little lack luster and could use a little boost. Our party experts have a come up with some ways to liven up your office party. Follow these great office party ideas and your celebration will be a success.

office party ideas
A scene from The Office.

Create A Theme

Ok so it sounds a little cliche but come up with a good theme. One fun idea is to create a theme based on a TV show. Pick a show that the majority of your office follows like The Office, Survivor, Lost, American Idol etc. Then, everyone comes as their favorite “character” from that show. You can incorporate the theme into all aspects including food, decoration, and party games. Everyone will enjoy the chance to dress up and play a character. It will be fun to see how everyone interprets the show and characters too.

Get Everyone Involved

Try to plan activities that are easy for everyone to get involved with. Even if there is a core planning committtee, try to think of ways that engage everyone. Things like pre-party polls, or pre-party contests are a great way to build some excitement for the event. You can create an award show contest with categories like: most talkative, go to person for latest Idol update, fastest typist or person who sends most email forwards etc. You can have each department create their own awards and present them at the party.

Create Pre-Party Engagement

If you create a little pre-party buzz, people are more likely to want to come to the party and are more likely to show up wanting to participate. With PurpleTrail, business event invitations, you can add games and polls that get people excited and engaged about the event. You can incorporate the results of these polls and games into the office party by revealing the results!

Keep People Hydrated and Fed

We all know many people see the office party as an excuse to drink a little too much. Regulating the drinks is probably a good idea (even though some of your co-workers may complain). Provide plenty of water and other non-alcoholic drink optioins. You don’t want to run out of food- especially if alcohol is being served. Make sure you have lots of finger foods to last the duration of the event.

With a little creativity and planning you can have a great time at your office party. Have fun! Use these great office party ideas to make your work party a success. Shop our stylish collection of business event invitations


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