Tips For Creating A Memorable Party

You don’t have to have a large budget or fancy things to throw a fantastic party. It’s all in the execution of the elements you provide and the rest will just unfold. Choosing food, drink, and decor wisely are just a few ways to make sure your event is one that stands out and is enjoyed by all. We’ve put together some tips for creating a memorable party.

Sensational Invitations. Sending sensational invitations is really the best way to set the tone for your event. The party invitations are the first peek the guests have into the party. If your party is going to have a theme, incorporate that into the invitations. Check out and browse thru our various customizable theme party invitations. All the designs can be customized in the design center to your style and theme.


Cocktail Silhouette Party Invitation by


Signature Cocktail. Serving a signature cocktail is a great way to save money on drinks because you don’t have to offer a huge variety. You can provide the ingredients, a smartly and artfully displayed instruction sheet, and let guests pour their own drinks. Here are some great signature cocktail ideas. You should be sure to also have a non-alcoholic version.

Serve food you can prepare ahead of time. There are lots of gourmet style foods you can serve that don’t require cooking at the time of the event. Here are some great ideas:

  • Cheese platter with crackers, nuts, and grapes
  • Endive leaves stuffed with chicken salad
  • Cured Meats. Serving quality salami and ham are always a big hit and require very little preparation
  • Spiced Nuts
  • Marinated Olive Bar
  • Deviled Eggs

Keep everything stocked in the fridge then all you have to do is add to the serving platters as they get empty.

Be charming. Guests will feel more at ease if you keep a smile on your face and stay relaxed! Wear your favorite party clothes to make sure you feel your best.

Maximize minimal decorations. You don’t need lots of decor to provide stellar, ambiance. Place a clear hurricane filled with festive ornaments or a large flower arrangement on the buffet table. Scatter bud vases throughout the house with just a bud or two in them. Supplement with tealights and votives and you are good to go. If you are having a holiday party, hang some mistletoe in a very public place so guests will surely be caught under it.

Low Music. Having music playing at a low volume sets the mood for the party. You don’t want anything too loud or too energetic as it will be difficult for guests to talk over it. It shouldn’t be the star of the evening, just one of the players making the event a success.

Take Aways. Give your guests a little something to take home with them so they can remember the party. A sweet treat for the ride home is always a hit. Little chocolates or mints tied with a tag that thanks them for coming is a thoughtful way to end the evening.

We hope your party is truly wonderful and inspired!

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