Things To Do When You Don’t Celebrate Christmas

It seems during this time of year, everything is about Christmas even though not everyone celebrates Christmas. Though there are many holidays and reasons to celebrate throughout the winter season, Christmas gets the spotlight. Finding things to do on Christmas day can be challenging because so many things are closed. We’ve come up with a few suggestions for things to do when you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Movies. Since movie theaters are usually open, make it a movie marathon day. Treat yourself to a little popcorn and candy and make time for that movie (or two) that you’ve been meaning to see.

Tivo. Reintroduce yourself to your friend Tivo (or DVR). Catch up on all your favorite shows!

Game Night. Send Game Night Party Invitations to your favorite competitors and have a game night. From board games to charades to a Wii or Xbox tournament, choose your favorite games and enjoy a night of fun and laughter.

Gray Sorry Game Board Game Night Invitation by
Gray Sorry Game Board Game Night Invitation by

Kitchen Time. Put on your apron and find a few new recipes to try. Whether you prefer baking or just preparing a sensational meal, now’s the perfect time to start perfecting new recipes to share at your next party or celebration.

Work. Reap the benefits of working on a holiday. For some that means extra pay, for others it means a day with less interruptions!

Unplug. Since many retail stores and corporations will be closed, take advantage of the downtime and create a relaxing day where you unplug from everything. Limit computer, phone and television time or omit it completely! Unwind and relax. Read a book, take a walk, draw a bath, however you unwind and unplug best, make time for it on December 25th.

Catch up on correspondence. Reply to those emails you’ve been putting off writing due to lack of time. Or better yet, send custom greeting cards to those you haven’t connected with in a while.

Get organized. Take inventory or your surroundings. Organize your shoe closet or home office. Find that space you’ve been neglecting and organize it!

Volunteer. Give your time to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. There are many organizations that could use extra help.

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