Thanksgiving Invitations & Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids

Keeping the kids entertained is half the battle of surviving holiday get togethers; especially if you have a ton of kids at your gathering. As you get your Thanksgiving invitations ready, check out our thanksgiving ideas for kids. Keep the children happy this Thanksgiving with these wonderful games and activities.

Thanksgiving Invitations

Thanksgiving invitations play an important role in your holiday celebration. They will not only set the mood for your celebration, but they’ll also inform your guests of your party’s location, time, and details. There are variety of invite options to choose from. Use to find the right invites for your celebration. You can create beautiful invitations that include personal photos, custom wording, and a unique custom design. Your friends and family members will love receiving an invite you helped create!

Thanksgiving Alphabet

Here’s a game your little guests will love! Print out a copy of the alphabet and cut out each letter. Put them in a small bowl or hat and let each child draw a few letters (depending on how many kids). Ask the children to come up with words that represent Thanksgiving or are associated with Thanksgiving and then let them present them later in the evening.

Handprint Turkeys

This is a great craft for younger kids. You’ll need: brown paper, small craft feathers, crayons, markers, scissors, and tape. Have each child trace their hand and cut out their turkey. Have them decorate the fingers of their turkeys with feathers and draw on a face on the thumb. It becomes a festive decoration and fun take away

Tablecloth Decor

If you are having a kids’ table, this is a great solution for fun and easy cleanup. Cover the table in white butcher paper and provide crayons and markers. Tell , the kids to decorate the table before dinner is served and have a contest for the most creative designs! Prepare small prizes for the winners.

Happy Turkey Day

Hope you and your little guests enjoy playing these fun games at your celebration! Adding entertaining activities to your Thanksgiving Day party will make for a more memorable holiday. For more great game ideas, take a look at our Thanksgiving Trivia article. Have fun and don’t forget to check out our Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations.

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