Thanksgiving Crafts – Part One

thanksgiving crafts

After the Thanksgiving invitations have been sent out, it’s time to think about the decor! Decorating the kid’s table at Thanksgiving is an important task. Get the kids involved with these great Thanksgiving crafts that will make the kid’s table festive and fun. It will also help get the kids involved in preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving crafts.
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Fine Dining

Get the kids involved in setting the table. Make a fun and festive tablecloth from butcher paper and colorful craft paper. Bonus: Kids can color right on it. This is by far our favorite kids thanksgiving craft! It is great for boys and girls alike, as well as all ages! Make to prepare several containers filled with crayons, colored pencils, and markers for the kids to use. To make this project a bit more festive, ask the kids to make a note on the table of what they are thankful for.

Picture This

Having some family and friends over for Thanksgiving? Prevent the hassle and expense of using multiple disposable cups for one person. Make these personalized photo cup cozies. They will help the little kids keep tabs on their drinks, even if they can’t read yet. It’s easy and fun! Plus, your guests will have a unique party favor to take home and hold onto as a keepsake of your special celebration.

Paper Leaf Garland

Create colorful paper leaf garland with your little ones this Thanksgiving. This project is fun, easy, and creates an end product that you can use to decorate your room for your Thanksgiving celebration. All you’ll need for this project is fall colored construction paper, scissors, whole puncher, and ribbon or string. Start by sketching out an outline of an autumn leaf onto your construction paper. When you finish, cut it out and use it as a stencil. Trace as many leaves as you want. Trace more if you are interested in creating a longer string of garland. When you finish, cut out your leaves using the scissors. Then punch wholes in them with the whole puncher. Thread the leaves onto your string. Use your new garland to decorate a plain wall or ceiling area.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with these fun and easy crafts for kids. They are sure to be a hit! Check out our Thanksgiving Crafts – Part Two for more easy Thanksgiving craft ideas!

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