Sweet Sixteen Food Ideas

Turquoise Photo Celebration 16th Birthday Invitation Sweet Sixteen Food Ideas

As you get ready to send out your sweet 16 birthday invitations, consider these great food ideas for your party menu. A girl’s sweet 16 birthday  is a big milestone. It means a young girl is becoming a young woman and big things are waiting for her as she branches into young adulthood. Our party experts think these sweet sixteen food ideas will be perfect for your upcoming sweet 16 party.

Sweet 16 Party Invites

Turquoise Photo Celebration 16th Birthday Invitation Sweet Sixteen Food Ideas
Turquoise Photo Celebration 16Th Birthday Invitation by purpletrail.com

Sweet Sixteen Food Ideas

Pizza Bar

What teenage doesn’t love pizza? It’s fun to let the guests create their own personal pizzas. You can either create individual pizza crusts or purchase ready made ones. You can also use bagels or english muffins as the crust. Have a variety of toppings (be sure to have vegetarian options) and let everyone construct their own pizza. You’ll want to include a salad bar to accompany the delicious pies!

Taco Bar

A taco bar is a really great and easy main dish to serve at the party. For variety serve soft and hard shells. Offer up a beef, chicken and grilled veggies. Set out a variety of diced veggies like mushrooms, olives and onions. Add in shredded cheese and great, garnishes like sour cream, fresh salsa and avocado and you’re guests will be, very satisfied. Serve with beans and rice and green salad for those who might want to create a taco salad.

Pasta Bar

Another of the great buffet options! Give your guests a few pasta choices; a mix of long and short cut pasta. Leave the meat choices separate of the sauces. Be sure to create a red and a white sauce option. Serve with quality crusty bread and a delicious Caesar salad. Don’t forget extra, napkins!

Sushi Buffet

For the sushi loving 16 year old crowd, why not indulge their palates with some fresh sushi. Sushi rolls are generally less expensive than sashimi or nigiri. Incorporate miso soup and a fresh and light green salad. You can even incorporate some candy sushi into this creative spread!

Dessert Bar

Forget dinner and go straight for the sweet treats. Hosting a dessert bar can be very sophisticated and fun for a 16th birthday bash. Consider renting or purchasing a chocolate fountain for dipping fruits and pound cake into. Cupcakes are fun and less work than a cake. Chocolate covered strawberries, gourmet cookies, and truffles make elegant desserts to serve. Your birthday girl will feel so grown up with just desserts!


If your birthday girl is more down to earth about her celebration, create a fantastic backyard bbq. Grill up hamburgers, chicken, and portobello mushrooms for a delicious dinner. Serve with home favorites like corn on the cob, potato salad and baked beans. Accompany the main grill fare with all the fixin’s including grilled onions, avocado, bacon, and don’t forget the cheese!

Happy Sweet 16! It’s sure to be an exciting and special celebration.

We hope these sweet sixteen food ideas tempted your taste buds! Shop our sensational sweet 16 birthday invitations, for more planning inspiration.

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