Surprise Party Invitation Wording

White Candles Surprise Birthday Invitation Wording

Shhh! It’s a surprise! Send out the surprise party invites and celebrate the guest of honor! A surprise birthday is so much fun. It’s exciting to see the look on the birthday person’s face! You can find plenty of surprise party invitation wording ideas and chic, cheap surprise birthday invitations so you can get all the important info to your guests without spoiling the surprise for the guest of honor!

Surprise Party Invitations

White Candles Birthday Surprise Party Invitation Wording
White Candles Surprise Birthday Invitation by

Surprise Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Shhh… You are invited to a surprise birthday party


Surprise! Surprise!
The champagne is poured
The table is set
It’s a surprise party he’ll never forget!

Shhh…It’s a Surprise!

John told me
“No party, get me golf clubs instead!”
but when have I ever listened
to a thing that he’s said.
So I decided to invite
those we hold dear
to help us celebrate
his 30th Year!

In case you didn’t know,
Susan’s turning the big 3-0.
Mark’s got it hooked up right,
We’ll be stylin’ and sippin’ on drinks all night.
Come along in our sweet ride,
but shhh, it’s a surprise!


We know she said not to bother,
She said, “Please don’t make a fuss!”
But with a party we plan to surprise her!
So let’s hope to our plans, she remains oblivious!


Can you keep a secret? It’s Ellen’s 40th Birthday!

We want to surprise her with a party so please don’t give it away!


Three cheers for Neil!

Neil is turning 35 and we want to give him a big surprise

So come on over and join the fun but keep your lips sealed until the party has begun!


A terrific party is planned
with birthday candles to blow,
but don’t tell the Birthday Girl,
because she doesn’t know!

Join us for a
Surprise 30th Birthday Party
Jenna Bing


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Jakob’s birthday is near!

Please gather friends and family, all those he holds dear

But please keep it a secret, we don’t want him to know!


The children of Murray Henderson

Cordially invite you

To a surprise party

Honoring Murray’s 80th Birthday


Kelly said no party, but I know better

I know the perfect gift I’m going to get her

The folks she loves most all in one room

To wish Kelly a Happy Birthday

with a Happy Birthday tune!

Join us for a surprise party honoring Kelly Taylor


It’s a surprise so don’t be late!

Please join us for a terrific surprise birthday bash

honoring Joann’s 45th birthday!


Like fine wine and cheese

Mark just keeps getting better with age

Join us for a surprise party

For Mark’s 65th birthday!


Psst…I’ve got a secret

Morgan’s turning 50!

Help us shower her in Happy Birthday wishes

But keep it a secret because it’s a surprise party!


I can’t believe it!

Jackson’s turning 40!

Join us for an amazing surprise party in his honor


Don’t tell anyone, you’ll ruin the surprise!

We are surprising Kate with a fabulous birthday party!

Join us for cocktail and appetizers

Just remember, it’s a surprise!


We want to shout it from the rooftops

But we’ll just have to wait

Because it’s a surprise party

Please don’t be late!

Join us at 7 o’clock on Saturday

March 15th

Come sing Happy Birthday Cheryl!

And toast her with a drink!


Cheers to Jamie!

The pleasure of your company is requested

At a surprise birthday party

For Jamie’s 30th birthday!


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