Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Super Sunday Football Super Bowl Party Food Ideas Invitation

Not only is the Super Bowl one of the biggest sporting events of the year, it is also one of the most food-driven holidays. If you are not tailgating, round up a group of friends for a party. Set the tone for the party with sporty football party invitations. Then follow these quick tips to help you organize a fantastic football party for your friends and family and enjoy the BIG GAME together. Use these Super Bowl party food ideas to keep your guests well energized for loud cheering and touchdown dances!

Super Bowl Party Invitations

Super Sunday Football Super Bowl Party Food Ideas Invitation

Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Quick Super Bowl Party Food Tips: Whether youre planning a big Super Bowl party or just want to entertain a couple of friends, here are some tips to keep in mind while planning your party bash.

  • Be prepared in advance. Get as much done ahead of time, so you can enjoy the game with your guests.
  • Stock enough chips, popcorn and beverages to last you through the game.
  • Be prepared with plenty of toothpicks and napkins for finger foods that you might be serving.
  • Slow cookers, such as a crockpot are good for casual parties. They are best for keeping party foods and appetizers, like chicken wings hot throughout the event. If needed you can borrow some extras from your friends.
  • Do all your chopping and slicing in advance and store them in plastic bags, ready for your platter.
  • If utensils are necessary, shop for disposable ones. Don’t forget to bring sturdy, disposable cups for any drinks. Use as many disposable items as possible so you don’t have to clean up as much.
  • Be sure there is plenty of sitting and standing room in view of the television.
  • Have a room set aside with activities for those who really don’t care about watching the game.
  • Have coffee brewing from the beginning to the end.
  • Most importantly don’t let your friends drive home if they’ve over indulged. Offer to give them rides if necessary or have a few cab company numbers on hand.

Super Bowl Party Foods: This is the day to enjoy all the great, fun party food that comes with having a whole day dedicated to the Super Bowl. Here are some ideas to get you started:

You could host a soup party and slurp your way through the game it’s the easiest party to host. Most of the soups can be cooked ahead of time , and most even taste better after standing for a while. All you would need is maybe two or three selection of soups (depending on the number and taste of your guests), bread basket, a salad and dessert. For your Super Bowl party we would you choose soups that are hardy and filling. For dessert choose things that are easy to eat like cupcakes or cookies decorated like the football round off your menu.

You can also go the traditional way and indulge your guests with the all time Super Bowl favorites. Your menu for an all American football meal could consist of chili, chips and salsa and chicken wings. A great sample menu would be Crockpot Chile, Spicy Honey Wings, Cheddar Beef and Noodle Casserole and Caramel Apple Dip.

PotLuck’s the way to go A potluck is a great choice, especially for parties like the Super bowl where you want enough time to enjoy the game rather than running back and forth to the kitchen. Potlucks are life savers especially if you are not hung up on the idea of cooking the entire spread. Though the term “potluck” suggests a random assortment of dishes, it’s likely to turn out better when the host does a little bit of organizing. If you don’t want to risk the chance that all of your guests will bring only desserts, begin by assigning your guests a specific course to bring along. Don’t forget that someone needs to be responsible for beverages. As a host you could supply them, or ask everyone to bring something they would like to drink with their dish.

With proper planning, your Super Bowl Party is sure to be a memorable event. Enjoy yourself with your friends and guests and remember to encourage everyone to drink responsibly.

Enjoy these Super Bowl party food ideas, and the BIG GAME! Shop our, bold and sporty football party invitations for your Super Bowl party!

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