Super Bowl Games for Kids

Kick Off Football Invitation Super Bowl Kids Activities

With the  big game quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your Super Bowl party. Send out the invitations, plan the menu and get ready for a day of all American fun. While the adults at the party will likely be glued to the TV, your younger party guests will need to be entertained too. Our PurpleTrail party experts have put together a list of awesome Super Bowl games and activities for kids that will keep them entertained while the grown-ups watch the game.

Kick Off Football Invitation Super Bowl Kids Activities

Super Bowl Kids Activities

Football Bingo. Kids love bingo and you can make it even more enticing for them by using candy or peanuts as markers. You can easily create your own bingo template or find a free download online. If you keep the boards generic enough, you could laminate them and use them next year.

Decorate Football Cookies. Get some fun football themed cookie cutters and either use ready made sugar cookie dough or make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Once the cookies have been cut, baked and cooled, provide fun frosting and sprinkles for the kids to decorate with. Be sure to include frosting colors of your favorite team!

Green Linen Super Bowl Party Invitation Super Bowl Kids Activities

Super Bowl or Football Trivia or Pictionary. Depending on the age group of kids, you can tailor either or these games accordingly. For both, divide kids into teams. For a trivia game, there needs to be one person who poses the questions to either team. Questions can be football and super bowl related. For pictionary, each team rotates be the artist and has to draw the clue on the card. Each clue should be football themed. The team with the most points wins!

Mini football toss. Partner up each of the kids. Give each pair a mini, soft football. Have them begin about about two feet apart facing each other. Then have one person toss the football to the other. Each time a successful catch is made, the each take a giant step away from each other. The last pair to complete a catch successfully, wins!

Coloring pages. You can never go wrong with putting out fun coloring pages for kids. Provide plenty of markers and crayons so everyone has a few to choose from. You can find lots of coloring pages to print for free on various kids games websites. If they don’t want to color any of the pictures you provide, have some plain paper available for making team banners or funny signs.

Make your own half time show. Ask the kids to work the first half of the game on putting together their own half time show. Provide some costumes (football gear, pom poms, etc) for them to use. They will love the idea of having center stage at one point during the day.

Use these Super Bowl games for kids to make sure your guests of all ages enjoy themselves. For ideas for  Super Bowl games for the adults at your party, click here. Above all, have fun, provide tasty snacks and enjoy the game!

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