Fourth of July Summer Wedding Ideas

fourth of july summer wedding ideas

Warm weather, festive fireworks, and bold and bright hues make the Fourth of July an ideal date and theme for your summer wedding. You can find most things to fit an Independence Day themed wedding. has to tools to create not only wedding invitations to match, but other gifts as well!

Fourth of July Summer Wedding Festivities

Holding your wedding on the Fourth of July (or Fourth of July weekend) is a great idea for many reasons. Great weather and holiday time off will make things easier for you and your guests, while local Fourth of July festivities lift spirits and give your wedding guests something to do before and after your big day.

fourth of july summer wedding ideas
Beautiful colorful holiday fireworks in the evening sky with reflection and majestic clouds, long exposure.

You can also save money on entertainment, by incorporating local happenings, such as bands, parades, and carnivals into your celebration. Best of all, you can fit the local fireworks display into your ceremony or reception.

Time your wedding so the fireworks blastoff after you and your fiance exchange your first kiss as a married couple, or make the city’s fireworks show the high point of your wedding reception — in either case you will need to find a venue with a great view and a comfortable outdoor setting.

Perfect Summer Wedding Venues

Some places have better firework displays than others. Take this into consideration when choosing a venue for your summer wedding.

In most cases, you’ll also have the option of holding your summer wedding outside if the weather permits. You’ll have to decide on whether this works for you and your fiance.

You can also do part of your wedding inside and part outside. If you’ll be holding the ceremony indoors, consider opting for a venue with large windows, so guests can enjoy the firework display. Or, you can get married before dusk, and enjoy the firework display during your wedding reception.

Summer Wedding Stationery

Incorporating rich cherry reds, deep navy blues, and sheer white tones into your wedding stationery can be done in many ways. Check out this booklet wedding invitation for a fun and playful take — or take a look at this faux gold and white invite template for an example of a more formal approach.

Faux Elegant Gold Glitter Wedding Invitation

Yet another Fourth of July wedding stationery idea is to throw out the patriotic palette all together, and go with a more glamorous theme — such as glitter, as shown in the beautiful faux glitter wedding invitation above. The back of the glamorous wedding invite featured here is a beautiful navy blue, which will tie into your theme quite nicely.

Find the 8-paged version of this gorgeous and fully customizable summer wedding invitation on

Fourth of July Wedding Attire

Make your attire as festive or formal as your like. Just because you’re holding your wedding on Independence Day doesn’t mean you have to wear a red, white, and blue dress. Consider adding just a touch of flashy flair and color to your big day instead.

If you do want to incorporate a little bit of Fourth of July color into your wedding, you can do so in a tasteful, unobtrusive way by wearing classy white and black attire with vibrant accessories.

fourth of july summer wedding
Bridesmaids in blue dresses holding white bouquets.

A vibrant bouquet filled with red poppies and deep navy carnations, with a touch of baby’s breath, will look beautiful, bright, and (just a little) patriotic, without stealing the show.

Navy blue or crimson red are popular shades for bridesmaid dresses and red or blue ties and boutonnieres will look great on any groom and his groomsmen.

Summer Wedding Decor & Favors

Sparklers are a must for your Fourth of July summer wedding. Pass them out as wedding favors before the ceremony begins, along with customized boxes of matches, so guests can light them up as you and your fiance make things official.

The sparklers will add tons of magic, glitter, and glam to your wedding photos. Just take a look at the Fourth of July wedding photo below to see what I mean.

fourth of july summer wedding ideas
Bride and groom surrounded by fireworks.

As for decor, you can spruce up your venue with fresh bouquets of red and blue flowers, vibrant bunting, and colorful confetti. Colorful strings of lights, lanterns, and candles will cast a warm glow on your venue, while adding to your festive theme.

Your food can also be part of the decor if prepared and presented well. Consider serving classic summer dishes like cherry pie, watermelon, fresh lemonade, BBQ, and potato salad. (This red, white, and blue potato salad would be perfect!)

Check out The Ultimate 4th of July Party Menu on for more food ideas. What’s great about many of the featured recipes is that they are classic summer dishes, prepared and presented in an elegant way — so perfect for a Fourth of July summer wedding!

Incorporate classic Fourth of July colors into your spread by topping desserts of with fresh blueberries and strawberries, and serving items on red and blue glassware.

Share Your Summer Wedding Ideas

Hopefully these Fourth of July summer wedding ideas leave you feeling inspired! If there are any great wedding ideas we failed to mention, please let us know via the comment section below.

We always love hearing about our readers’ weddings, whether they take place in summer or not.

Best of luck planning for your summer wedding! Make sure to check out our sister site’s Wedding Ideas Blog for more great tips!

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