Easy Summer Entertaining Great BBQ and Pool Party Ideas

pool party ideas

Pool parties are great for summer entertaining. A BBQ alongside a summer pool party makes for a great event. Your guests will love chilling by the pool on a hot day. And after a long day at the pool, no one will turn away tasty barbecued food. Whether it is a kiddie event, teen party, grown-up gathering or a mixed bunch, you can freshen up your summer celebration with these great BBQ and pool party ideas.

pool party ideas
Blue And Green Summer Party Invite by PurpleTrail.com.

Pool Party Invitations

The first step of planning your summer party is choosing the right invitations. This can be challenging, considering how many different options there are. To make the process easier, start by checking out PurpleTrail’s summer BBQ or pool party invites. Pick one of their fresh summer party designs or try creating your own.

PurpleTrail offers unique customization options that allow you to upload personal photos, include custom wording, and create a totally unique invitation design from scratch. Create an invite that will set the mood for your celebration. Make sure to include the time, place, and any special details of your party.

Tip: Try starting your pool party in the afternoon. It will give the guests enough time to enjoy the pool before the focus shifts to the BBQ. A good start time is between 2:00 and 4:00.

Pool Party Ideas

The pool party starts with a pool. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a pool in your backyard, make sure it looks appealing to your guests. Vacuuming, skimming, and treating will prevent any build up and discoloration of the water before your party.

If you don’t own a pool, but have your heart set on throwing a pool party, there’s still hope. Consider renting out a pool for the duration of your party. Or you can always purchase an inexpensive inflatable pool or borrow one from a neighbor. There is quiet a range available on the net from $30 to $300. Indulge in one that suits your pocket.

Summer Pool Parties Toys

Pool toys will play an important role in your summer pool party. Stock a variety of toys to please the kids as well as the adults. Squirt guns, swimming noodles, and diving items, such as rings and sticks, make great pool party accessories. A basketball hoop or volleyball net is also a good addition for guests of all ages.

Blue And Yellow Pool Birthday Party Magnet by PurpleTrail.
Blue And Yellow Pool Birthday Party Magnet by PurpleTrail.

Flotation devices are also great additions. There is a wide variety of floating rafts for as little as three to five dollars. You can purchase more durable ones for a little more. Higher quality rafts are definitely worth having for adults at the party. For kids at the party, consider purchasing kick boards and arm floaters. These pool accessories are fun and they will also keep the little ones safe. Even if you have asked guests to come equipped with their pool accessories and safety gear, it’s a good idea to stock some spares.

Pool Safety Comes First

Always have a few adults keeping a sharp eye on the pool, especially if there are children at your party. You and your guests will be much more comfortable if you know that your children are safe. For an adults party, be sure to keep the guests who have had a little too much to drink away from the pool.


Anticipate your guests needs and designate a bathroom that is easily accessible from the pool. Same goes for the changing room. Put out stacks of clean towels, bottles of sun-screen, and Aloe-Vera lotion. Don’t forget the pool umbrellas! Also set up some pillows and beach towels for casual comfort.

Summer Pool Party Games

Set up your sound system outside. Prepare a list of “summer” music, enough to last you at least 3 hours. Have tables set up around the pool with backgammon, chess, and scrabble. If the wind is right you can even have some kites ready for an on the spot kite flying competition. Set up a limbo stick in a corner for the kids. Water balloons for balloon fights. Marco Polo, pool volleyball, and basketball are also great pool party group activities.

Summer Pool Party Ideas – Decorations

Keep your decor simple and elegant. Add a festive touch to your party with streamers and balloons. Use them to add color to your pool and pool side. Buy lots of blow up beach balls and throw them in the pool for a fun and colorful affect. Tiki torches and strings of lights will make your guests feel warm and welcomed. These options will work especially well if the party extends into the evening and night hours.

Splish Splash Pool Party by purpletrail.com
Splish Splash Pool Party by purpletrail.com

Decorate your tables with grass skirts and bright, colorful tablecloths. For flatware, blue would be a good choice. Add a vase with sunflowers. Serve the salads or appetizers on plantain tree leaves. You guests will love the summer themed decor!

It’s the simple touches that really add to the party mood and atmosphere. Make your guests feel like they are at the beach or in a tropical location! Add umbrella party picks to drinks, use flip flop coasters, and serve food on tropical or tiki themed platters. Throw in some ice filled beach buckets to keep your drinks cold and brightly colored serving dishes.

Once your guest are ready to hang up their towels for the evening, you can throw a handful of colorful flowers into the pool. Or create a pretty lighting affect by setting a floating tray of candles in your pool. Don’t forget the citronella candles! They will keep nasty bugs and mosquito away from you and your guests. It’s also a good idea to keep some bug spray handy.

Poolside Drinks Getaway by purpletrail.com
Poolside Drinks Getaway by purpletrail.com

Pool Party Food Ideas

Finger foods and non-greasy foods are best. Fresh fruits and veggies are light and filled with water. They will keep your guests energized and hydrated. A perfect treat on a hot summer day! Barbecuing is a must! Kebabs, burgers, hot dogs, veggies, and fruits can all be grilled to perfection. We have lots of great BBQ recipes for you to check out. Your guests will love chowing down on some good BBQ after a long day in the sun!

Pool Party Drinks

For the pool party simple beverages like lemonade, iced tea, carbonated drinks, and juices are good. For snacks and finger food, consider serving chips and dips, fruit platters, watermelon wedges, or bite sized sandwiches. Here are some adult drink recipes and kids drink ideas you can use for your party.

Have a Splash!

Hope these pool party ideas help you make your summer celebration memorable and fun! Good luck planning your party! Remember to be creative and enjoy the party planning process. Your guests will love a celebration you’ve invested effort, time, and thought into.

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