Summer Party Themes: Luau, Backyard BBQ, Picnic, Bonfire Party Ideas

Need summer party ideas for a nearing outdoor celebration? Get inspired with these creative summer party themes, covering everything from custom summer party invitation ideas, bonfire party ideas to luau party ideas, backyard BBQ ideas, picnic party ideas, and more.

Summer Party Themes: Bonfire Party Ideas

Enjoy summer with friends around the fire with the bonfire party ideas below. Beyond being lots of fun, relaxing and easy to plan for, bonfire parties can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Summer Party Themes: Bonfire Party Ideas
Chalkboard Bonfire Going Away Party Invitation by

Whether you have one in your backyard, at the beach, or in the woods, guests are bound to have a good time. Find inspiration for planning the perfect outdoor celebration with the creative bonfire party ideas below.

Bonfire Party Ideas: Creative Seating

In addition to lawn chairs, arrange tree stumps around the fire for guests to sit on and or set their beverages on. Fill a crate with blankets so guests can grab from it if they get cold.

Bonfire Party Ideas: Movie Projector

See if you can get your hands on a movie projector for your bonfire party so you and guests can watch your favorite flicks around the fire.

Bonfire Party Ideas: DIY Teepees 

If kids will be attending your bonfire party, set up a few no-sew teepees for them to lounge in. Learn how to make your own on

Bonfire Party Ideas: Campfire Food

Prepare an assortment of campfire classics like smores, hot dogs, and pudgey pies.

Prep a bunch of fresh potatoes and corn on the cob for your bonfire party. Wrap them in tin foil and let them rest along side the fire’s hot coals until they’re tender.

Serve bonfire banana boats for dessert, find the recipe by following the link provided. Find more campfire food ideas and cooking tips on

Summer Party Themes: Bonfire Party Ideas
DIY Hanging Candle Lanterns Courtesy of

Bonfire Party Ideas: Lanterns, Lights

Plenty of lighting will add to your bonfire party’s atmosphere while ensuring guests get around safely.

Brighten up your bonfire party with strings of lights, candles, and lanterns. Use strings of lights to decorate trees surrounding your party space. Place candle-lit or battery-operated lanterns on tables or hang them from trees.

Tiki torches can be used to light up pathways and you can also bring in electrical lighting to illuminate things further.

Bonfire Party Invitations

Buy your summer party invitations on and use their invitation maker software to design invitations that match your bonfire party theme.

Summer Party Themes: Bonfire Party Ideas
BBQ & Smores Farewell Party Invitation by

You can make your theme clear via your bonfire party invitation wording, but you can also use outdoorsy embellishments, an earthy palette, and summery fonts to accentuate your bonfire party theme further.

Complete your bonfire party invitations with one of the bonfire party invitation wording samples below.

Bonfire Party Invitation Wording

Join the Ramone’s for Fireside Chats
at a Summer Bonfire Party
July 22nd at the Ramone’s Backyard
from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am
Campfire food and fun provided.
Dress for the weather and bring your own chair.


You’re warmly invited to
celebrate good food, good weather, and great company
at the Jackson’s
Backyard Bonfire Party
Friday, August 2nd from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
234 Oak Street, Seattle, WA
Hope to see you there!

Summer Party Themes: Luau Party Ideas

Let your aloha shine at a summer luau party complete with tropical refreshments, bamboo decor, and hammocks. Check out these luau party ideas and more below.

Summer Party Themes: Luau Party Ideas
Pink Sunset Aloha Luau Party Invitation by

Luau Party Ideas: Bamboo

Spruce up your tables with bamboo table runners. Wrap bamboo place mats around flower vases.

Surround tables with bamboo chairs and create shade with a DIY bamboo canopy — learn how to make one on

Luau Party Ideas: Colorful Decorations

Vibrant decorations will give your luau a tropical, summery look and feel. Fill your venue with bouquets of colorful, fresh-cut flowers.Use this gold glitter pineapple banner to embellish a table or walkway.

Summer Party Themes: Luau Party Ideas
Handmade Pineapple Gold Glitter Banner by BashandCoParty on

Attach a series of retro Hawaii postcards to twine with clothespins to create your own bunting, as shown in this Tropical Themed Party Ideas post.

Luau Party Ideas: Hammocks 

Set up a few hammocks for guests to rest on throughout your venue. If possible, use bright fabric that corresponds with your palette.


Luau Party Ideas: Corona Tiki Torches

Follow the DIY Corona tiki torch tutorial on to create affordable, fun, and theme appropriate lanterns for your summer luau party.

Luau Party Invitations

Find summer luau party invitations that match your luau’s style, palette, and overall theme on Give your luau party invitations tropical flavor with summery fonts, floral accents, and tribal backgrounds.

Summer Party Themes: Luau Party Ideas
Woodgrain Tiki Hut Luau Party Invitation by

You can also embellish your theme by modeling your luau party invitation after a favorite song like Margaritaville, Cheeseburgers in Paradise, or some other song that evokes thoughts of summer.

Use the luau party invitation wording ideas below for tips on what to include in your own invites.

Luau Party Invitation Wording

Join us for Margaritas, merriment, and cheeseburgers in paradise at the Stone’s annual
Summer Luau
05.10.2015 at 12:00 pm
Our House
Attire: Key West Casual


Sip island cocktails and celebrate summer at
The Walter’s Family Annual Luau Party
Saturday, July 20th at 2:00 pm
Our Home
342 Green Street, Miami, Florida
Pupus, tropical drinks, and music provided
Please bring a swimsuit, sunblock, and a dish to pass

Summer Party Themes: Backyard BBQ Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or holding one just because, a backyard BBQ is a classic way to embrace summer with friends and family. Use the backyard BBQ ideas below to get inspired for your summer soiree. Find more backyard BBQ ideas in our Summer Party Ideas — Food, Cocktail, & Entertainment Tips post.

Summer Party Themes: Backyard BBQ Ideas
Colorful Shishkabob Bbq Party Invitation by

Backyard BBQ Ideas: Chalkboards and Chalkboard Paint

Inform guests of what’s on the menu by noting entrees, snacks, and fixings on chalkboards. Purchase a few medium sized chalkboards or make your own using chalkboard paint.

Use the chalkboard paint to help guests remember which cup is there’s by applying a strip of it around the center of serving cups, jars, or whatever you’re using. As guests pick them up, they can write their names on them.

You can also use it to decorate condiment bottles, picnic tables, lanterns, and more.

Backyard BBQ Ideas: Bandanna Bunting & Tablecloths

Make rustic DIY bunting by tying a number of bandannas together, like in the photo below. If you’re celebrating Independence Day or Memorial Day, use bandannas with a stars and stripes pattern.

Summer Party Themes: Backyard BBQ Ideas
DIY Bandanna Bunting Courtesy of

You can also make your own rustic tablecloth by either sewing or gluing with fabric glue, a series of bandannas together.

Backyard BBQ Ideas: Food and Refreshments

In addition to grilled entrees like hamburgers and hot dogs, have healthier sides on hand for guests, like fresh fruit.

You can serve dishes of fresh fruit or present it in a more creative way — for instance, you can use fruit or cookie cutters to cut watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and muskmelon into fun shapes.

You can also serve  fruit kebabswatermelons on sticks, or hallowed out watermelons filled with sliced fruit. Follow the links provided for more details on each option.

Backyard BBQ Ideas: Mason Jars

Beyond being durable and diverse, mason jars have a distinct country style that will add tons of rustic charm to your BBQ.

Summer Party Themes: Backyard BBQ Ideas
Mason jars with chalkboard labels attached by VintageBlooming on

Try incorporating them into your backyard BBQ by using them to serve drinks or as decoration. You can fill them with fresh cut flowers, candles, cutlery, or anything else you can think of.

Backyard BBQ Invitations

Fire up guests for your backyard BBQ party with theme-appropriate invitations. Again, we recommend personalizing your own on

You can use their convenient invitation maker to add your choice of colors, photos, wording, accents and more to your backyard BBQ invitations.

Find inspiration for what to include in your own invitations via the backyard BBQ invitation wording ideas below.

Summer Party Themes: Backyard BBQ Ideas
Modern Red Gingham BBQ Invitation by

Backyard BBQ Invitation Wording

Join us as we celebrate summer with
Burgers, beers, friends, and good cheer
at the Humphey’s annual Backyard BBQ Party
Friday, April 4th at Noon
Our Home — 343 Oak St.
Food and drinks provided, please bring your own chair.


Join us for a summer backyard BBQ
We’ll do the grillin’
You do the chillin’
July 20th at Noon
The Tent Family’s Backyard
333 Oak st., Seattle, WA
Hot dogs & Hamburgers, with all the trimmings, provided.
Dress for the weather and bring a side dish of your choice.

Summer Party Themes: Picnic Party Ideas

Pack up your favorite snacks, pick the perfect spot, and celebrate summer with these fun and creative picnic party ideas. Covering everything from picnic party favors to decorations, seating and everything in between, you’re bound to be left inspired.

Summer Party Themes: Picnic Party Ideas
Bright Florals Picnic Summer Invitation by

Picnic Party Ideas: Picnic Basket Favors

Prepare picnic baskets, filled with colorful blankets, bottles of wine, snacks and kites or frisbees for guests to grab as they enter. They can use their blankets to set up somewhere in the lawn and enjoy their snacks during or after the celebration.

Picnic Party Ideas: Decorations, Food, Seating

Since you’ve hopefully already selected a beautiful outdoor location for your summer picnic party, keep your decorations to a minimum and let the location’s natural beauty speak for itself.

While having your guests set up shop on picnic blankets will add tremendously to your theme, not all guests will want to sit on the ground so make sure to have addition seating like picnic tables and lawn chairs, available.

Cover your picnic tables with bright tablecloths and prepare a picnic inspired feast for guests to enjoy throughout the celebration.

If your picnic party will last until dusk, ensure your celebration has plenty of light. Decorate tables with mason jars filled with candles, adorn trees and branches with strings of lights and string candle-lit lanterns from trees.

Picnic Party Ideas: Croquet, Kites, Games

While many guests will enjoy relaxing in the sun, others including children will require more engaging means of entertainment. Try preparing croquet for adults and fisbee and kites for children.

You can also include some of the other summer party activities mentioned earlier in your picnic to keep guests entertained.

Summer Party Themes: Picnic Party Ideas
Picnic Wedding Photo by Nadine Aucamp courtesy of

Picnic Invitations

Spread news of your summer picnic party with invitations that match your palette, theme, and tastes. Designs with wood-grain details, chalk inspired designs, or plaid accents might work, but your choice will ultimately depend on your picnic’s palette, setting and style.

Try finding a design you like on and personalize it to match your celebration perfectly with their easy-to-use design software. Complete your picnic party invitations with one of the picnic invitation wording samples below.

Picnic Invitation Wording Ideas

Join us for a fourth of July picnic
July 4th at Noon
Our Home
343 Woodland Street, Seattle, WA
Please dress for the weather and bring a dish to pass


With friends like you, everyday’s a picnic…
Join us as we celebrate summer
with a picnic in the park
Friday, July 20th at Noon
343 Woodland Street, Seattle, WA
Please dress for the weather and bring a dish to pass

 Hopefully these summer party themes left you feeling inspired! Good luck planning your summer celebration. For more inspiration and to view our latest collection of summer party invitations check out

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