Summer Party Ideas — Food, Cocktail, & Entertainment Tips

Don’t let the great weather pass you by. Use these fun summer party ideas to celebrate the season with family and friends! With tips on food, drinks, invites, and entertainment, planning a great summer party will be no sweat.

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Summer Party Invitations

Give your warm weather soiree a colorful entrance with stylish summer party invitations from

Choose an invite that matches your summer party’s theme. Include the date, time, and location of your party, and let guests know what they’ll need to bring — whether it’s food, drinks, or items like sunblock or swimsuits.

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Remember to invite only as many guests as you have space, seating, and supplies for, and to send out the invitations ASAP so guests have ample time to prepare.

Fun Summer Activities

While some adults might just want to relax in the sun, other guests, especially kids, will be interested in more engaging forms of entertainment. Let these fun summer activities for kids and adults add extra fun and excitement to your summer soiree. For more summer game ideas, take a look at our Outdoor Game Ideas for Picnics and Cookouts post.

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Badminton is a simple game that pretty much anyone can play. It’s lots of fun, easy to set up, and nets and rackets can be found for cheap online or at the store.


For a more rigorous summer party activity consider throwing a volleyball into the mix.  Many beaches and parks come equipped with volleyball nets, so if you think this fun summer activity will be a hit, consider planning your party at a location with access to a court. Learn the official rules here.


Croquet is a great game to play at family reunions, summer picnics, or backyard BBQs. It’s easy for kids and adults of all ages. Learn more about the rules of play. You can set up a course of varying degrees of difficulty depending on your groups age range. Take a look at some croquet sets to add to your outdoor games.

Summer BBQ Food Ideas

If you’ll be busting out the grill for your summer celebration, try adding adding one of these tasty summer BBQ food ideas to the menu. Simple, healthy, and tasty enough for even the pickiest eater, these dishes will surely win guests over. For more BBQ advice, take a look at our BBQ Tips post for more great grilling ideas! Don’t forget your apron – check out PurpleTrail’s new embroidery options and create your custom apron before the big party.

Veggie Burgers

Everything tastes better grilled, including veggie burgers. Learn how to make this nutritious and refreshing summer BBQ food idea on

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus 

Before throwing your asparagus on the grill consider wrapping a bunch into a bundle with several strips of bacon. The bacon will not only add a ton of flavor to the veggies, but it will also keep the greens together and help prevent them from slipping through the cracks. Learn how to make this delicious summer BBQ dish on

Grilled Chicken Pineapple Sliders

These pint-sized sandwiches are perfect for outdoor celebrations. Not only does the small size make it perfect for kids, but it also makes eating and mingling as easy as can be. The tangy slice of the pineapple adds a touch of summer to this dish, while the zesty chicken breast offers extra spice that will leave you reaching for a tall glass of lemon-aid. Learn how to grill this summer BBQ food idea on

Summer Cocktails

Beat the heat, while keeping guests’ spirits high with these refreshing summer cocktails. Not only can these be whipped up fast, but they also feature fresh summer fruits and a combination of ingredients that are bound to quench guests’ thirst on a hot summer day.

Watermelon-Tequila Cocktails

Throughout summer, watermelons are not only at their ripest, but they are cheap and abundant to boot. Incorporate this summer staple into your summer party with this delicious watermelon cocktail recipe.

Bourbon and Peach Smash

With a mixture of tangy peach, a touch of fresh mint, and plenty of ice, a bourbon and peach smash is a refreshing cocktail that’s brimming with summer flavor. Learn how to make it for your nearing summer party here.

Raspberry Lemonade (Kid-Friendly)

This non-alcoholic drink will keep guests cool and pair up nicely with all of the BBQ food ideas mentioned above. Since the recipe consist mainly of fresh ingredients, you’ll have to squeeze a lot of lemons, but the taste of authentic homemade lemon-aid will be well worth the work. Learn how to make this kid-friendly summer cocktail on

Summer Party Ideas

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired after reading through these summer party ideas! Make sure to take a look at our new collection of summer party invitations. Best of luck planning for your summer soiree! For more summer party ideas, take a look at this Pinterest board.


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