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St. Patrick's Day Green Circle Round Beer Party Invite

Set the tone of your St Patrick’s day party with lucky, St. Patrick’s Day cards. Faith and b’gorra! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and its the perfect time to break out your green clothes, eat lucky charms and celebrate being Irish! On St. Patrick’s Day this year, why not celebrate this Irish holiday by hosting a spectacular Irish-themed party for friends and loved ones. With a little help from our St Patrick’s Day party ideas, yours will be a memorable event featuring delicious Irish food, drinks and traditional activities. Raise a toast high in the honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and use these simple tips to throw a grand party that will have you and your friends “going green” with fun.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Invitations

St Patrick's Day party ideas Green Circle Round Beer Party Invite



St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and free spirited celebration for everyone, whether you belong to the Irish community or your just enjoy the spirit of this green holiday. Sending out tradition party invitations is a great option. Personalize any of our St Patrick’s Day cards or create your own. You can print your St. Patty’s invitations or send them online. Don’t forget to mention, remind guests to wear green! , For further customization you can upload last years St. Patrick’s party pictures. Your guests will be thrilled to receive the personalized invitations.




St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas & Tips

St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations: What should be the color of the decorations for a perfect St. Patrick’s party? Of course its green because this is the color which is most associated with everything Irish. You can also use white and orange for decorations, as these colors make up the flag of the Republic of Ireland. Why not make the day special with leprechaun and green shamrock decorations and lay your feast on an emerald field redolent of the luxuriant meadows of the Ireland’s countryside.

  • Use a green tablecloth to cover the table and use white dishes. Set the table with beer mugs and use orange table napkins to give it a dandy Irish look. You can then decorate the table further by scattering green sequins or curling ribbon, gold wrapped chocolate coins, kisses or Lucky Charms cereal.
  • Wrap the orange napkins with a “torc”. You can easily create these golden torc with twisted gold cord. Cut them into small pieces and tie a knot at each end. Then you can tie these beautiful golden torc’s around each napkin as an attractive and symbolic napkin ring.
  • To give your event a traditional twist you can place a “blarney” stone at the entrance. And ask each of your guests to kiss the blarney stone as they enter. This will help to make everyone all the more talkative. You can further decorate the party space with green balloons, mylar balloons and leprechauns.
  • Decorate the party space with bells and white calla lilies. The Bells of Ireland bring in good luck, and the lilies represent beauty.
  • For simple, easy and effective decorations, you can make green shamrocks. These can be made with green construction paper or poster board. Decorate them with some gold glitter and then hang these shiny shamrocks all around the room.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Activities: It is always nice to have music at a party. For St. Patrick’s Day, you can throw in a CD that has some Irish ties like Enya, The Pogues, or another Irish band. Here are some activities to get your party rolling.

  • Start with a simple fun activity. Greet your guests at the door to check if they have come appareled in green. If they have, they get a nice hand made Shamrock for good luck. If not, they get pinched. Then you can hand them a green pin as a party favor. This will be a fun little activity and gives everyone something to talk about.
  • The Ladder Lingo Game: This is a nice mind teaser game. Begin with St. Patrick’s Day themed words, and ask the person sitting next to you to think of another themed word beginning with the last letter of your word. For the word “Celtic,” the next word could be “Clover.” The game keeps going until no one can think of another themed word.
  • The Tater Toss Game: For this game you will need some potatoes and a hula-hoop. First, lay the hoop on the ground. Starting close to the hoop each player tosses his/her potato so that it lands within the hoop. Each player who is successful, moves to the next round which is played from a greater distance say 1 meter or so away from the hoop. The players who miss the hoop is OUT. The game continues with each round getting more distant from the hoop. The player who gets his potato into the hoop from the longest distance becomes the winner.
  • Painting St. Paddy’s T-Shirts: For this activity you will have to arrange for some plain T-shirts and some fabric paints. Then ask each of your guests to insert a piece of cardboard inside each T-shirt so the paint doesn’t leak through. The guests are supposed to paint anything associated with St. Patrick’s on the T-shirts. The most well designed and painted T-shirt gets and award. Then the guests can take these t-shirts home as party favor.

St. Patrick’s Party Food and Drinks: Celebrate this great Irish day with traditional St. Patrick’s Day recipes. Serve your guests a menu mixed with classic dishes and a few surprises. Irish Pub foods are always a big hit, and another great idea is to make some of the dishes green. For example, use green food coloring to color the beer. cupcakes and frosting, and cookies. Here are some traditional dishes that are favorites. Pick a few and you will have a great menu:

, Shepard’s Pie
, Reuben Casserole
, Cabbage Stew
, Corned Beef and Cabbage
, Cabbage and Apples
, Sweet Irish Soda Bread
, Apple Oatmeal Crisp


Everybody’s Irish:Everybody is Irish, at least on St. Patrick’s Day. This delicious whiskey cocktail blends smooth Irish whiskey with the minty flavor of crme de menthe liqueur and the herbs of Chartreuse. The recipe does call for an olive for the garnish, but if you’re not hip to this idea and how it accents the crme de menthe, use a fresh sprig of mint instead.

Emerald Isle:, Go green. Hold the vermouth and add some crme de menthe in your Martini on St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll have the Irish spirit in no time.

Irish Whip:, No Irish spirits are used to make an Irish Whip, instead vodka and Cuban rum are the base spirits. However it is served in a beer mug and has a light green coloring thanks to the crme de menthe, making this cocktail a great alternative to drinking green beer.

Green Beer: What better then serving Green beer for St. Patrick’s party. Drinking green beer has become more of an American tradition than anything else. It’s easy to make and gives a traditional feel to your party. Just add one drop of green food coloring into a light colored beer and your green drink is ready to serve.

With so much fun in store you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! If you, have more St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, send them to us at

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