Spectacular New Years Greeting Card Ideas

If you didn’t get your Christmas Cards out in time, send spectacular New Year’s greeting cards instead! New Year’s cards are a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year. A creative spin on traditional New Year’s greetings is to send out a New Year’s cards with your New Year’s resolutions. New Years Greeting Cards are a fun way to reach out to family and friends and share your goals for the New Year. There’s never been a better place to get custom cards than PurpleTrail.

New Years Greeting Cards

New Years Greeting Card Ideas

Include photos along with your New Year’s resolutions, along with some family photos and well wishes in a fabulous New Years greeting card. You can personalize any of PurpleTrail’s New Year’s cards or simply create your own using the PurpleTrail Design Center. There is no limit to how many photos or graphics you can add, or what sides of the card you can use. Personalization is free, and we’re proud of it.

Another fun idea is Year in Review cards. These can be sent throughout the holiday season, and gives everyone an update as to what was accomplished this year by everyone you love. Dad getting a new job, or Mom starting a blog, or Suzy graduated from Nursing School, you get the idea.

With our booklet, quadfold, or trifold cards you can let your holiday greetings share the entire story of your year. Each page can focus on a different family member. (Don’t forget Sparky and Fido!) Or you can create a timeline of important events for the past and upcoming years. Throw in plenty of photos, embellishments, text, colors and more with our simple and easy to use PurpleTrail Design Center.

It should be noted that there is no wrong way to send New Years Greeting Cards, or cards in general. Just make whatever you feel is best, and we’ll print it for you, no matter what. PurpleTrail is all about custom stationery, so we want you to take full advantage of that. We’ve spent a good part of this year updating our design tools to use the latest formatting on the web. The goal was to bring you a tool that’s more powerful than ever. Check it out, any card on the site is customizable, and most other things too!

Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to you, and yours, from PurpleTrail.

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