Slumber Party Tips and Ideas

Slumber parties are exciting events for children of all ages. It’s easy to set the tone for the night with great sleepover invitations. Most children are ready for a first sleepover pajama party by the time, they are, eight years old. What makes slumber parties so great is that they can be tied to any kind of, theme imaginable! They are perfect for any type of party like, birthdays, end of the school year, or summer camp out. If you are planning a slumber party for your child, our party experts have put together some, yawn-proof, slumber party tips and ideas.

Backyard Camp Out

Complete with tents, star lit skyes. s’mores and ghost stories. It might be the perfect way to celebrate the end of the school year this year. The girls will stay up late talking about all the great and even the not-so-great experiences they had and what their summer plans are.


Movie Night,

Pick your favorite slumber party movies and make a few yummy snacks. Tie the movies into your theme. If you rent all the High School Musical movies you can ask the party guests to come dressed as their favorite character. The girls will, have loads of fun gushing about Zac Efron and friends.

American Idol

Or just a general karaoke night. If you have budding starlets all around, you, a, fun night of showcasing their singing talents may be just, the right ticket. Consider asking other parents to stay to help you “judge” the contestants.

Spa or Makeover Night,

If you have a girlie girl with loads of girlie girl friends, this is a great theme. You can make little kits for each of the girls with nail files, polish and scented lotion. Set up dish tub stations for foot soaks. Or make little kits with sample lipsticks and eye shadows. Have a hairstyle station and help them use curling or flat irons to create new looks. The girls will love it!

Scavenger Hunt Night

This is a great theme for the younger crowd. Create a list of odd ball things to collect and divide the kids into teams. Send them (supervised) on a hunt around the neighborhood for the items on the list

Craft Night

Have kids into scrapbooking or sewing? Plan a craft night sleepover! They can bring supplies to share with each other and have a great keepsake to take away at the end of the party.

The theme possibilites are endless. The easiest way to determine the right theme is to ask your child what, they and their friends are into right now. Plan the whole night around the, theme including food and party favors. . You just can’t go wrong with a, good mix of friends, great food, games, (maybe a prank or two) and loads of talk time and laughter.

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