Simple and Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day is coming and its time to give mom what she deserves; a thoughtful gift from you!. Beyond beautiful Mother’s Day cards, here are some, simple and creative Mothers Day gift ideas that are not only thoughtful but they won’t break the bank!

Mom Time Jar

  • Start with an apothecary jar.
  • Then gather some gift tags or even blank yards sale tags. You can find templates within Microsoft Word to print your own or pick some up at your local drug store in the school supplies aisle.
  • Write something on each tag that mom would love to do but rarely takes the time to do for herself.
    • Read, get a pedicure, get a massage, take a walk, have lunch with girlfriends, take a class, buy a new outfit, spend time in the garden, go to a museum,Whatever your mom likes to do best.
  • Attach a piece of ribbon to each tag and place them in the jar. You can give mom a few blank ones for her to write on too.
  • The give the gift to her with the instructions; “When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a tag out of the jar and do something for yourself. You are worth it!”

Since most moms rarely put themselves on the list, its good to give them a reminder to do so.

Basket of Love

Create a basket full of moms favorite things. Hopefully its something she can relax with or maybe its just something that she loves. A basket with wine and chocolate or with movies and popcorn is sure to be well received. You could put in some lotion, lip gloss and a manicure set or maybe some seeds, garden gloves and a great gardening book. Whatever mom likes, give her a complete package to help her do the things she loves. You can tie the container is as the gift too. Using a flower pot or a popcorn bucket to bundle everything together makes the entire gift usable!

Sleep in, brunch in bed, and a clean house

Whenever I ask moms what they want for Mothers Day I nearly unanimously hear, “To sleep in.” Give the woman what she wants! Allow mom to sleep in and when she wakes, bring her something delicious to eat (whether its pancakes or fresh fruit) and tidy up afterward. Let her really enjoy this day without feeling like she has take care of anything but herself!

A Video

Gather up the family and make a video for mom. Maybe it could consist of messages from each family member or maybe it could be a montage of her favorite videos of family events and celebrations. Whatever the case, make it something special for her. A thoughtful video filled with the people she loves is a gift that she will keep forever.

Framed Collage of Art Work

Kids make a lot of art work and its hard for moms to store it all. Take the best of the best and create collage to be professionally framed. Then mom can keep it safe in tact to treasure it always.

A Heartfelt Letter

Maybe you forget to tell mom how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her. This Mothers Day, take an opportunity to let mom know and write her a heartfelt letter. Just tell her that you are glad shes your mom. Write down a funny story about mom or your favorite memory of your mom. Get really daring and write mom a poem! Disclaimer: you may want to give mom a box of Kleenex with this Mothers Day gift because it is sure to bring a tear to her eye.

Whatever you choose to give mom, give it to her with love and make sure she knows how much she means to you this Mothers Day!

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