Shower Invitations – Baby, Bridal and Beyond

Whether it’s baby shower invitations, bridal shower invitations, or couples shower invites, it seems there are millions to choose from. Cute themes, contemporary themes, animal themes, you name it, it’s likely to exist. The problem with these mass produced shower invitations, is that they lack any kind of personal touch. Sure they are pretty, but they aren’t usually personalized to the shower honoree. The PurpleTrail Design Center is here to change that. With the design center, you can create beautiful, unique, personalized shower invitations.


The PurpleTrail Design Center has thousands of design possibilities for your shower invitation. You can choose from one of our online designs or community designs and then add your own personal stamp to really make the shower invitation about the shower honoree. You can also start with a blank canvas in the design center. A unique shower invitation is just waiting to be created by you. You can upload photos of the shower honoree. The design center tool include things like being able to crop, flip, rotate, change opacity, and size adjustment of both embellishments and photos. You can essentially create a work of art for your shower invitations. And that surpasses any mass produced shower invitation.

PurpleTrail is more than happy to print your shower invitations and send them right to your doorstep. It’s not just invites that we can help with either. We have personalized thank you cards, menus, custom guestbooks, gifts and more.

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