School Reunion Checklist

Class reunion season is upon us! Thinking back to your high school and college days brings all kinds of emotions and memories to the forefront of your mind. School days seemed to be the perfect mix of independence and responsibility. Now your reunion is here and you’ve been selected to be part of the planning process. Begin getting organized by creating a checklist to help you plan, prioritize and stay ahead. We hope to make it a little easier with our School Reunion Checklist.

School Reunion Checklist

  • Form a committee – with email and Facebook, this shouldn’t be too difficult!
  • Choose a committee head
  • Decide the frequency of committee meetings
  • Survey classmates for ideas
  • Date selection
  • Determine event venue and format
  • If planning a multi-day event, create themes for each night/day, plan games and activities. This blog post will help!
  • Send out class reunion invitations – your committee should have been hard at work getting addresses, and the task of sending out invites can be divided up among them.
  • Create subcommittees for even distribution of planning responsibilities
  • Event program (speakers, tributes, etc)
  • Select lodging accommodations
  • Financing
  • Establish a budget- elect a treasurer
  • Establish ticket price
  • Classmate contact listing
  • Postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers
  • Search for missing classmates
  • Web site development / maintenance
  • Create/order decorations
  • Select entertainment
  • Select a photographer
  • Create/order registration, forms and name tags
  • Purchase/Create mementos
  • Create/ Print reunion / memories booklet
  • Novelties
  • Prizes / awards
  • Create and place marketing & communications (mailers, newspaper ads, web postings, emails etc.)
  • Create deceased classmates tribute
  • Arrange school tours, pre & post reunion events and other additional reunion activities
  • Decide on class gift to your school
  • Decide who will staff your event – Some facilities may provide this service for you or you might want to consider asking friends or family members to handle this for you. You might even be able to make arrangements with volunteers from the class year ahead of you or behind you to provide this service in turn for providing this service at their reunion. Given the likelihood that they may know people in your graduating class it could be an attractive opportunity for them as well to help out

Upfront Costs

Building and adhering to, a budget is key to any event’s success. These are some items that may need to be paid up front by the committee.

  • Stationary supplies
  • Postage
  • Printing (reunion booklets, name tags)
  • Gifts / novelties
  • Decorations
  • Web site development & hosting
  • Liability insurance
  • Reunion facilities deposit
  • Entertainment deposit
  • Deposits for additional activities (tours, etc)

The amount of lead time you need really depends on how elaborate of an event you are planning, but generally speaking the more time you give yourselves the better! Now that you know what needs to be done, check out our other reunion related articles to help ensure your event is a huge success! Reunion Timetable, 10 Steps to, Successful Reunion, Class Reunion Venue Ideas, and Class Reunion Decoration Ideas.

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