Rustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas, Invitations, Wording, DIY Decorations

Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner party, fall party for friends and family, or Halloween party for kids, you can use these rustic fall harvest party ideas to add country charm and autumn color to your approaching occasion.

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Invitation Ideas

Your rustic fall harvest party invitations or Thanksgiving invitations will introduce your theme and details to guests, so you’ll want to make sure your invitation’s fonts, palette, and design live up to the celebration ahead. The easiest way to do that is by personalizing your own fall harvest party invitations on

Here are a few rustic fall party invitations you can use for your autumn gathering, whether it’s a casual get together with friends, a not-scary Halloween bash, or harvest-themed Thanksgiving dinner party.

All can be totally personalized to your liking using our free online invitation design tool. Simply click on an invitation you like and select the Personalize button to begin personalizing.

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Invitations: Halloween Harvest Party Invitations

These fully-customizable rustic Halloween party invitations are a great choice for anyone planning a rustic fall harvest Halloween party. The smoky kraft background provides a dark, rustic backdrop, while the Halloween-hued floral crown adds just enough harvest flavor.

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas,
Rustic Floral Elixir Halloween Party Invitations by

You can use this template and our free online design tool to make your own Halloween party invitations that match the look and feel of your celebration perfectly.

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Invitations: Fall Harvest Thanksgiving Invitations

Although these fully-customizable Modern Wood-Grain and Leaves Thanksgiving Invitations are the ideal for Thanksgiving dinner parties, they can be personalized for any fall party, including ones with a rustic fall harvest theme.

Modern Wood Grain And Leaves Thanksgiving Invitation

The rich fall-colored fonts and autumn leaf embellishments will make your details glow on the the warm wood-grain background. The woodsy palette, background, and embellishments give these Thanksgiving party invitations harvest vibes, perfect for any of your fall gatherings.

Fall Party Invitation Wording

You’re warmly invited to celebrate
the change of the season at
The Smith’s
Annual Fall Harvest Party
Saturday, October 1st from 4:oo pm until 10:00 pm
Our Home
343 Oak Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
RSVP with Robert: 777-777-7777


Fall Harvest Party Invitation Wording

Welcoming you to celebrate
the bounty of the season at our annual
Fall Harvest Party
October 2nd from noon until midnight.
Our Home
3432 Pine Street, Seattle, WA
Bonfire, food, and festivities provided

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Decorations

Fall harvest party decorations don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Things as simple as pumpkins, corn husks, and wheat stalks can be used to embellish your fall harvest party theme. The DIY rustic fall harvest party ideas below can be put together for next to nothing.

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas,
DIY Botanical Mod Pod Pumpkins Courtesy of Pinterest.

DIY Harvest Party Decorations: Botanical Mod Podge Pumpkins

Instead of carving or painting pumpkins, cover them with pressed leaves and flowers. The look is rustic, unique, and absolutely perfect for a fall harvest party. Find a tutorial for how to do it on

DIY Harvest Party Decorations: Corn Husk Wreath

Create a festive harvest wreath for your fall celebration in minutes using materials as basic as hot glue, a circular Styrofoam or straw frame, and dried corn husks. Learn how to make one on

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas,
DIY Corn Husk Wreath Courtesy of

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Food Ideas

Since harvests are all about reaping the fruits of the season, dishes, desserts, and appetizers with fall ingredients should be a big part of your rustic fall harvest party.

If you’re wondering what to include on your fall party’s menu, get your creative juices flowing with these rustic, harvest, fall party food ideas revolving around autumn fruits and veggies. Simply click on the links below for the full recipes.

Fall Party Food Ideas, Harvest Party Food Ideas: Apples

Apples go hand in hand with fall. Include them in your rustic fall harvest party using these simple, festive drink and dessert recipes. After your dishes and drinks are prepared, find out how to make use of remaining apples in this 55 Surprising Ways to Use Leftover Apples post.

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas,
Apple Lattice Pie Baked in an Apple courtesy of

Fall Party Food Ideas, Harvest Party Food Ideas: Sweet Potatoes

Loaded with beta carotene, vitamin A and C, sweet potatoes are as healthy as they are delicious. There are tons of ways to prepare them, but here are our favorites.

Fall Party Food Ideas, Harvest Party Food Ideas: Pumpkins

Pumpkins abound in fall and they can abound throughout your fall harvest menu too with these simple recipes. In addition too serving these festive pumpkin dishes, learn how to make pumpkin bowls, to serve soup, crackers, and dips out of, on

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas,
Pumpkin pie in a jar courtesy of the

Rustic Fall Harvest Party Ideas: Activities, Entertainment

While conversation, food, and drinks will be enough to keep most guests entertained, having a few simple activities planned for backup can never hurt. Here are a few harvest party activity ideas you can use to keep guests entertained for hours.

Fall Harvest Party Activities: Pumpkin Checkers

Put a fall spin on classic Checkers by swapping black and red game pieces with miniature white and orange pumpkins. Learn how to make your own board by following this simple DIY Pumpkin Checkers Tutorial on

Fall Harvest Party Activities: Campfire, S’mores, Blankets

Build a campfire outside. Set up chairs and a crate filled with blankets. Prepare s’mores fixings and warm cider, coffee, and cocoa on a nearby table.

Guests will enjoy the bright fall scenery, fresh air, and warmth of the fire while indulging in snacks from your refreshment table. You and guests can even try out the campfire sweet potato recipe above.

Fall Harvest Party Activities: Pumpkin Bocce

Put a Halloween twist on Bocce by replacing Bocce balls with small pumpkins and the pallino with a large pumpkin.

Simply place the large pumpkin near the center of your yard and have guests take turns rolling their pumpkins towards it.

Whoever rolls their pumpkins closest to the large pumpkin wins. Find detailed instructions on how to play Bocce here.

Hopefully you found these rustic fall harvest party ideas inspiring! Have fun planning for your celebration.

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