Rangoli Designs and Rangoli Patterns

Bright Rangoli Photo Diwali Greeting Card

Rangoli is a traditional Indian decoration. It is a colorful pattern on the ground made of motifs, flowers, and geometrical patterns. Rangoli designs are typically made near the entrance to a home as a welcoming to guests for holidays and special occasions. Learn more about this unique cultural tradition with these fun facts and trivia!

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Rangoli Diwali card
Bright Rangoli Diwali card from PurpleTrail.

Rangoli Design Trivia & Tips

The term Rangoli is derived from the words rang (color) and aavalli (row). So rangoli is a row of colors. It is one of the most traditional and popular art forms in India.

Rangoli can be made with various items like flowers and grains, saw dust, chalk powder, colored stones, and even fabric. The designs and patterns range from being simple to extremely intricate and elaborate.

In India, Rangoli designs are commonly made during holidays like Diwali. They are also often created for special occasions like weddings. Some hotels in India even have them in their lobby to welcome guests into the hotel.

Large Rangoli Design

It is also customary for Indian women to draw decorated feet of Laxmi The Goddess of wealth, approaching their door bringing in good fortune for her family.

Here are some basic instruction on how to make your own Rangoli:

How to make your own Rangoli:

  • Choose a design that you would like to create. Rangoli patterns are typically geometric and symmetrical. If this is your first time creating, a simple design works best.
  • Choose the area where you would like to create your design. It is best placed by the entrance to your home, but not blocking so that people can easily walk around it. Clean the place on the floor thoroughly and let it dry.
  • Use a piece of chalk to mark the center point of the Rangoli, and then draw the outline of your design with the chalk.
  • Decide about the color scheme and the items you will use to fill your design.
  • Fill in your design using the items you have chosen. It is best to start from the inner part of the design and work your way out. To fill in the design, pick up some powder, rice, etc, with your thumb and index finger. Then rub your two fingers together to carefully sprinkle the powder on the floor.

Rangoli Woman Colorful Pink Blue Purple Rangoli Design

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