Rainy Day Ideas – Plan a Party!

In the Seattle area, we don’t get a whole lot of summer weather but that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate summer! We think a rainy day is the perfect reason to plan a party. If you have a household with a bored little one who is stuck indoors you can send out some party invitations and get a little group of friends over to have a small get together. Here are a few party ideas that you can pull off indoors when the weather just won’t cooperate.

Tea party. Dress up and dress the table for some tea. Serve up tea sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese or even just two bite pb and j sammies are great). Hats and pearls required.

Turquoise Damask Tea Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com
Turquoise Damask Tea Party Invitation by PurpleTrail.com

Living Room Camp Out. You don’t need stakes to put up your tent in the living room. Use the indoor grill to grill up hot dogs and hamburgers and let the kids hang out in tent. Turn out the lights and tell ghost stories too!

Treasure Hunt. Make a map of the house and mark the buried treasure with and X. The treasure can be all kinds of things from cupcakes to little prizes. Let the kids put on their best pirate inspired outfits just from what they can find around the house. The crazier, the better.

Bakery. Turn the kitchen into a bakery. This idea is probably best for a just a few mini chef guests. Choose two or three easy baked goodies to create and let everyone take some home to enjoy.

Box Party. Collect all the cardboard boxes you can find and encourage guests to bring a few. Then let your imagination go wild. Make a cardboard train, cars, playhouse, treasure chest, or whatever you can think of. Bring out the tape, markers, scissors and craft supplies to decorate!

You don’t really even need to invite guests to have a party, it can just be you and your child(ren). Enjoy each and every day of summer vacation, regardless of the weather! If you plan a party, check out PurpleTrail.com for custom party invitations. Or, check back monthly to see what free printables we are offering in our free downloads and printable section.

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