Stress Free Dinnner Parties – Easy Dinner Party Menu Ideas

Hosting a successful dinner party means planning a tasty dinner party menu. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be good! We have some great ideas to help you plan a stress free dinner party with these great easy dinner menu party ideas.  Invite guests with start by stylish dinner invitations to set the tone of your gathering. Then, for a perfect party combine good, music with some delicious yet simple food and your gathering will be a success. We’ve put together some easy dinner party menu ideas to help you get started.

Easy Dinner Party Menu Ideas

Quick & Easy Party Food

  1. Signature Cocktail. Instead of trying to have a completely stocked bar, serve one signature cocktail. You can have a few bottles of wine and beer on hand for those that don’t enjoy spirits. Also be sure to have a non-alcoholic version for designated drivers and those who don’t drink.
  2. Herbed Chevre Spread. For an easy appetizer, this is a delicious topping on crackers or toasted slices of baguette. Use any leftovers on a bagel or sandwich topping. Serve with sliced apples, pears and grapes.
  3. Mini Pizzas. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Get creative and grill up some mini pizzas. Roll out your dough beforehand and then place it on the grill. When the bottom is golden brown, give it a flip. Add your favorite toppings, sprinkle with cheese and cover the grill for a few minutes to cook the toppings and melt the cheese.
  4. Herb Roasted Pork Shoulder. This make ahead pork recipe will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. Wonderful fresh herbs really make this recipe shine.
  5. Spinach and Strawberry Salad. No one can resist this delicious combination. This salad is so simple and so tasty.
  6. White Chocolate MousseServe this White chocolate mousse with sparkling vodka syrup and see your guest enjoy every scoop of it. Place chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water until melted. Stir gently to combine, remove from heat. Add vodka to cooled syrup, then place in a blender with the silver leaf and blend for a few seconds until leaf is broken into small flakes. Top each mousse with sparkling syrup just before serving.
  7. Fresh Fruit Platters Fruits like banana, mango, pineapple, cherries, apple cut into small cubes add sugar mixed in whipped cream. These are easy to prepare and be enjoyed by all. A edible fruit arrangement will look pretty as a centerpiece and can be enjoyed throughout the dinner party.
Peach Chalkboard Party Invitation by
Peach Chalkboard Party Invitation by

Tips To Remember For Your Easy Party Food Ideas:

  • Consider your comfort level when thinking about the party menu and quick recipes. Also keep in mind the number of guests you are inviting.
  • How much food should you serve? Well, the general guideline is 6 appetizers per person per hour for a cocktail party. If appetizers are replacing dinner, than plan on at least 10 appetizers for each guest throughout the night and try to have at least 5 choices.
  • If you are planning a home cooked party food menu, prepare as much of the food as you can ahead of time. Keep a list of what needs to be done, so last minute touches are not forgotten.
  • If you want to plan an easy meal, make it a barbecue event and ask guests to bring the side dishes and you provide the meat. You can also make it a full potluck party and ask everyone to bring a dish to share.
  • Do all your chopping and slicing in advance. Store chopped veggies in plastic bags, ready for your platter.
  • These days, no party menu should be without a few healthy food choices.
  • Be sure to serve foods with a variety of tastes, temperatures, and textures. Include both hot and cold dishes, serve creamy dips with a crisp assortment of unique vegetables and try not to go overboard with one particular flavor or spice.
  • Party foods that can be easily held with one hand or more aptly called finger food are an important consideration as well. Your guests may be standing for most of the party and if so, trying to balance a plate of food and a beverage could lead to a messy disaster!

Enjoy your dinner party planning. You can’t go wrong with great friends or family served with a side of  delicious food and drink. Take the stress out of your planning and make it easy on yourself. The best part of any dinner party is the company and memories created!

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