Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Besides dressing up in costume, one of the best parts of Halloween is decorating pumpkins! As you get your Halloween party invitations ready, find a little inspiration for the old jack-o-lantern! We’ve put together some great pumpkin decorating ideas for people of all ages.

Pumpkin Stenciling., Pumpkin stenciling is a great way to decorate a pumpkin. There are a lots of create pumpkin carving stencils, available. Stenciling is a great alternative to the traditional pumpkin carving because you can be a little more precise. The best pumpkins for stenciling are ones that are smooth and relatively blemish free.

Pumpkin Painting. Pumpkin painting is great for the little ones who may not be able to wield traditional pumpkin carving tools. The best type of paint to use for pumpkin painting is acrylic. When choosing a pumpkin, you’ll want to avoid one with lots of blemishes but do look for pumpkins of interesting shapes. The more interesting the shape, the more character your pumpkin will have. Clean and dry your pumpkin thoroughly before painting. To make your design stand out, you may want to apply a sealer or varnish coat first as well as multiple paint coats. Embellish pumpkins with sequins, feathers, gold teeth – anything spooky or silly!

Craft Foam Pumpkins. This is another great one for kids. Cut out shapes from craft foam or purchase ready made shapes. Create patterns or faces or a collage of Halloween inspired things. Attach them to the pumpkin with hot glue. Google eyes are a great addition to these pumpkins. Pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and textures will work well for this style of pumpkin decorating. You can even use velcro stickies to mix and match faces.

Metallic Pumpkins., Get out the spray paint and create contemporary metallic pumpkins. Use colors like gold, bronze, and sliver. Use a variety of, sizes including, mini pumpkins and use as centerpieces mixed with colorful gourds and pine cones. Be sure to clean and dry your pumpkins thoroughly before painting. Also let them dry between coats of paint.

Pumpkin Characters. Give your pumpkin some personality! Whether you are carving, stenciling or painting you can create great characters out of pumpkins. Things like witches, scarecrows, Frankenstein – any character real or imagined! Add in hats, shoes, and props to make your pumpkin come to life. Some of our favorite character ideas are: alien pumpkin, trucker pumpkin, radioactive pumpkin, masked bandit pumpkin, wicked pumpkin, pirate pumpkin, and two headed monster pumpkin.

We hope you found a little inspiration from these ideas. The possibilities are endless so get creative! Happy Halloween!

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