Printable Bridal Shower Games

The date for the bridal shower has been selected, the custom bridal shower invitations have been sent and the cake has been ordered. Now it’s time to decide what your guests will do at the shower. Printable bridal shower games make great ice breakers and are a lot of fun. These free printables are perfect for guests young and old. We’ll provide you with three popular games: the Wedding Word Scramble, Famous Couples and the Purse Raid. Simply copy and paste the games into a Word document, add in some free wedding clip art if you’d like, and print as many copies as you need. Don’t forget to make yourself the answer keys, which we will provide below.

Printable Bridal Shower Games: Wedding Word Scramble

The Rules: There are two fun, challenging ways to play. Either set a time limit for your guests – we recommend one or two minutes – and have them race to see who can unscramble the most words before the timer runs out, OR have the guests race to see who can solve all the scrambles first. Award a small prize to each guest who finishes before the time runs out or to the first guest who finishes, depending which version you play.

The Scrambles:

1. rideb _______________
2. morog _______________
3. deinwdg kcea _______________
4. nhoooneym _______________
5. rteu vleo _______________
6. tiewh sresd _______________
7. cale _______________
8. sinehpaps _______________
9. tiuyn dcalen _______________
10. deadbrimsi _______________
11. sogmoernm _______________
12. focifnati _______________
13. claphe _______________
14. rageirma sowv _______________
15. grin rareeb _______________


1. bride
2. groom
3. wedding cake
4. honeymoon
5. true love
6. white dress
7. lace
8. happiness
9. unity candle
10. bridesmaid
11. groomsmen
12. officiant
13. chapel
14. marriage vows
15. ring bearer

Printable Bridal Shower Games:  Famous Couples 

The rules: Each guest is given a list of one half of famous couples. The guests are given a set amount of time to try and guess the other half of each celebrity couple. Whoever correctly matches the most couples wins a prize.

The list:

1. Catherine Zeta Jones ___________________________

2. Goldie Hawn  _________________________________

3. Paul Newman _________________________________

4. June Carter __________________________________

5. Justin Timberlake ____________________________

6. James Brolin ________________________________

7. Faith Hill ___________________________________

8. Harry Hamlin _______________________________

9. Will Smith __________________________________

10. Ellen DeGeneres ____________________________

11. Blake Shelton _______________________________

12. Tom Hanks ________________________________

13. Nicole Kidman ______________________________

14. Sarah Jessica Parker __________________________

15. Denzel Washington ___________________________

The answers:

1. Michael Douglas

2. Kurt Russell

3. Joanne Woodward

4. Johnny Cash

5. Jessica Biel

6. Barbara Streisand

7. Tim McGraw

8. Lisa Rinna

9. Jada Pinkett Smith

10. Portia De Rossi

11. Miranda Lambert

12. Rita Wilson

13. Keith Urban

14. Matthew Broderick

15. Pauletta Washington

Printable Bridal Shower Games:  Purse Raid

This is a fun, simple, classic game that usually gets guests laughing. Each guest is given this list of things they might find in their purses. For every item on the list they find in their purse, they circle or star the item and earn the allotted number of points. She who earns the most points wins the prize.

The list:

1. Business card (any) – 15 points

2. Cough drops – 15 points

3. Lipstick – 10 points

4. Gum or mints – 10 points

5. Glasses or sunglasses – 25 points

6. Feminine protection – 15 points

7. Picture of the bride – 50 points

8. Condoms – 25 points

9. Pen – 15 points

10. Expired coupon – 15 points

11. More than five credit cards – 25 points

12. Nail file – 10 points

13. Compact / mirror – 15 points

14. Comb or brush – 25 points

15. Grocery list – 25 points

We hope your guests enjoy these printable bridal shower games! If the bride-to-be is a bit non traditional or you’d like some other creative ideas, check out this article on


When one of the bridal shower guests wins a game, you’ll want to reward her with a prize. Bridal shower game prizes can be tricky, as it is tough to please people with a wide variety of tastes. Here are some ideas for prizes everyone is sure to love:

  • A “movie night gift basket” with a DVD of a romantic comedy, boxes of candy and microwave popcorn
  • A “coffee shop” gift basket with a bag of coffee and two coffee cups
  • A gift card to a local shop
  • Candles and incense
  • Pretty wine glasses or champagne flutes
  • An oven mitt with wooden spoons and spices inside
  • A box of chocolates
  • A bottle of wine or champagne
  • Tickets to a local show
  • Lotion and body spray
If you’ve never hosted a bridal shower, you may wonder when an appropriate time is to play the games. That will depend on the length of the shower, the number of guests and when the bride wants to do things. For example, if it’s a fairly large party and you’re serving food, definitely allow some time for the guests to mingle and eat before you bring up the topic of games. The bride-to-be will usually open her gifts as dessert is being enjoyed, so trying to play a game afterwards may be difficult as people will get distracted or start to leave. A game like Purse Raid can be played early on to break the ice and get the conversation flowing. If the bride is shy, she may want the guests to play a game or two while she opens her gifts to take some of the focus off her.
We hope you and your guests enjoy every moment of the bridal shower. For ideas on party themes, check out this post on our blog.
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